Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"You Lie"

Joe Wilson (R-SC)

By now it is unlikely that anyone reading this post has not heard about the quote.

For the record, I do not think he should have done it in the House. It may be true but there should be a sense of decorum. I don't think Obama has much respect for the office of the Presidency but the rest of us should maintain it.

With this said, let me address a few points:

-The House of Representatives wants to censor him.

This is laughable considering top leadership Nancy Hoyer and Steny Hoyer wrote an op-ed, under their official name, calling American citizens un-American for exercising their freedom of speech rights.

-This is major news story

The media did not talk about the contradictions in Obama's speech, they did not talk about the lack of details, they did not talk about the fact that the bill actually did allow for covering illegals, they talked about 2 little words. Why, because it was a distraction. They are emotionally unable to criticize Obama so this gave them an out

-The truth is in, well...the truth

Breaking decorum or not Obama has been lying when he has said that illegals will not be covered, they were. Look no further than this:

White House Stiffens Against Illegal Immigrants

While letting Democrats in the House of Representatives attack Wilson and threaten to punish him, the White House quietly announced that Obama would insist on prohibiting illegals from receiving the health benefits.

So, let's recap:


-Obama was saying that illegals would not be covered in the health care reform

-Rep Wilson called him a liar


-Obama is insisting it was the truth when he said illegals would not be covered


-Obama says he will now insist illegals are not covered

Doesn't this mean Obama was lying?

Rep Wilson clearly needs to be punished.


LL said...

"YOU LIE" sums up the past eight months of the Obama Administration. It sums up the method under which Dear Leader approaches us.

And it also applies to the main stream media who broadcast his lies as if they were true when THEY KNOW Dear Leader is lying.

Time to chuck them all out, Chuck.

Randy said...

The president said "the time for bickering is over. The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action. ... Now is the time to deliver on health care"

Censorship is action.... I guess.

cube said...

"You Lie" is becoming a rally cry. The more the left picks on Wilson, the more regular Americans credit him for telling the truth about BO. BO lies everytime he opens his mouth... OK, except when he's eating ;-)

Khaki Elephant said...

Interesting how during that very speech Obama accused those who oppose his plans of lying . . . and no apology was offered from the left.

shoprat said...

Democrats are allowed to say anything they want - - true or false. Republicans must walk on eggshells to avoid provoking those who hate them and must avoid telling any truths that will annoy the media.

Chuck said...

LL, agreed. It was a good summation of both Obama and the media

Randy, interpretation: "Do as I wnat"

Cube, as of last count he is collecting about $500,000 per word in contributions from the uproar. I'm not a fan of that system but the money is needed

Khaki, it's almost as if they are hypocritical, gasp

Shoprat, because the GOP runs from the fight

gramma2many said...

I think the best way to "punish" Joe Wilson is for everyone who can to contribute a minimum of $5.00 to his re-election campaign. We could show the left exactly what we think of their censorship.

Chuck said...

Gramma, I think he assured his re-election already

LomaAlta said...

Yes, public discourse ought to be civil. And it always is between reasonable people.

But how do you have civil discourse with a socialist?, a communist?, with someone trying to harm you? with a terroist supporter, and with a lying crook trying to destroy everything decent in America?

I don't condone yelling in Congress, but I may not have been strong enough to sit silent through lies as Obama tries to destroy America.

MK said...

"Doesn't this mean Obama was lying?"

If obama had any integrity and honesty, he'd rightly tell his sniveling weasels in congress to lay off Wilson. But he's just like them, another lying, sniveling weasel.

Z said...

Did you see where Maureen Dowd says Wilson just can't stand to see a brainy Black president? It's so infuriating to even CONSIDER this has anything to do with race.
Obama lied, period.
I don't think Wilson should have said it like he did, mostly because the speech became about that and NOT the lies...
Obama has ZERO respect for his office, but we should, you're right.

Always On Watch said...

BHO's arrogance and LYING are infuriating!

Here's what I wish the Republican Party had done during the speech last Wednesday: Stood up silently as a bloc, silently turned their backs on BHO, and silently walked out of the chamber.

BHO does lie with impunity and with the media's complicity. With the media complicit, I worry that the 2010 elections will, once again, go to the Dems.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, agreed. I don't think he should have done it but it's hard to blame him

MK, you do have to love how he says he is okay with the whole thing but does not ask Congress to get over it

Z, it has gotten to wheere the race card has become all-purpose. Any disagreement at all, whip it out. "Don't leave home without it"

AOW, one good sign is that fewer and fewer people are watching the far left news.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

"Lying" is different than being wrong and making a "mistake". However, I've heard that certain mistatements on facts have been brought to his attention, and yet he still uses some of his debunked talking points in his speeches on healthcare. Facts that aren't a matter of political perspective and should not be in dispute.

In this speech, though, he said 30 million uninsured. Didn't he used to cite the 47 million figure? So it seems he is capable of evolving and quietly conceding some ground.

Chuck said...

Wordsmith, he has said so many things about illegals being covered that is so all over the map that I'm not sure he knows what the truth is anymore.