Saturday, September 19, 2009

State Jobless Rates And Democratic Incumbent Sneators

California, Nevada Reach Record Unemployment Levels

This article is fairly interesting but what is most interesting is what the article is not saying. Looking beyond the numbers we see correlation that could be troublesome for the Democrats.

The states that are listed in the article as having high unemployment problems are also states with Democratic Senators who's chances for re-election are a little questionable.

California, Barbara Boxer is facing a tough re-election fight.

Nevada, Harry Reid is losing by double digits.

Connecticut, Christopher Dodd has the double whammy of high unemployment and a long list of ethics problems.

New York, Kristen Gillibrand is a first termer that has had many missteps, infighting among NY Democratic party officials, and a possible nasty primary fight.

Also of special note is Indiana, while Evan Bayh is fairly popular, the voters of the state are not overwhelmingly Democratic and may be suffering buyers remorse over voting for Obama.

By my own suspicion, the Dems hold at best 2 of these 5 seats. If the GOP can get themselves together, they could retake the Senate. At the very least, the filibuster-proof majority is gone.


LASunsett said...

Haven't you heard Chuck?

Had the Congress and Obama not spent us into oblivion right off of the bat, we would have had twice that rate. If you think they are wrong, you will have to prove it.

It's true, because they say so.

So, get ready now. If they are not allowed to force government healthcare down the throats of Americans, we will all die from the H1N1. It's true, because the UN says so. And of course, if you disagree with that, you'll have to prove that one too.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, I pray to God you are correct and we move back towards freedom in America.

But I can't get rid of this nagging doubt that we will not run any decent, conservative candidates. I'm afriad the RINOs will prevail and support much of Obama's socialism. Hope I am wrong, but show me some good conservative Republican candidates, will you?

Chuck said...

LA, he did save a million jobs so you may right

LomaAlta, I think the GOP voters are not in the mood for RINOs right now.

Z said...

Hearing SO MANY HONKING CARS at the Tea Party last Saturday on Lib West LA's main drag of WIlshire Boulevard gave me UNBELIEVABLE hope.
Most of us thought they were flipping us OFF and honking to get us to notice; au contraire......thumbs UP, smiling and honking. UNBELIEVABLE

Oh, wouldn't it be nice to dump pelosi, waters, waxman, boxer..etc? miracles look like they could happen!

MK said...

I remember seeing a graph a while ago showing that the more democratic a state, the higher the unemployment rate. Not surprising really, if you follow what leftists really do, as opposed to what they say.

Chuck said...

Z, Pelosi may take more than a miracle. You can dream though

MK, same with cities conttrolled by Dems

Always On Watch said...

Nevada, Harry Reid is losing by double digits.

Connecticut, Christopher Dodd has the double whammy of high unemployment and a long list of ethics problems.

I'm smiling.

Watch the November gubernatorial election here in Virginia. This odd-year election is a good barometer for 2010.

Chuck said...

AOW, 1st welcome back, hope things are going a little better. Agreed on the Guv election