Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Unexplored Earth

Mount Bosavi volcano in Papua New Guinea

Black and yellow noctuid caterpillars

Hairy Caterpillar

Lost world of fanged frogs and giant rats discovered in Papua New Guinea

A lost world populated by fanged frogs, grunting fish and tiny bear-like creatures has been discovered in a remote volcanic crater on the Pacific island of Papua New Guinea.

A team of scientists from Britain, America, Hawaii and Papua New Guinea found more than 40 previously unidentified species when they climbed into the kilometre-deep crater of Mount Bosavi and explored a pristine jungle habitat teeming with life that has evolved in isolation since the volcano last erupted 200,000 years ago. In a remarkably rich haul from just five weeks of exploration, the biologists discovered 16 frogs which have never before been recorded by science, at least three new fish, a new bat and a giant rat, which may turn out to be the biggest in the world.

Source (read the article, the animals they found are pretty cool)

I find it humbling that there is so little we know about the planet Earth. From what lies beneath the ice of Antarctica, to the deep jungles of the world, to the ocean floor, there is still so much we do not know.

These discoveries drive home just how massive the planet is and how small and insignificant humans are to it.

The fascinating thing is that a far-left envirowhacko will look at this discovery and wail about the advance of humans and their destructive behavior.

I do agree that we should control pollution and limit the wanton uncontrolled overuse of the resources. I have always been a proponent of responsible management of resources, planting new trees in areas where we cut lumber as an example.

I think this discovery argues for a different side of the debate though, one that we do not have the ability to truly destroy the planet. Rather as individuals or collectively, we are insignificant when taken in the context of the entire planet.

We can destroy an area or a region, we could destroy the entire planet and ourselves with it if it were possible, the Earth would not be impressed. The Earth would continue on without us eventually forgetting that we were even here.

I end with a quote I have used previously from Michael Crichton:

You think man can destroy the planet? What intoxicating vanity.


shoprat said...

Earth is just for starters. We have no idea what's really on Mars, Titan or the larger Jovian moons or what conditions variations of life can thrive under.

O LORD how many are Thy works. In wisdom Thou has made them all.

Always On Watch said...

I love that Michael Crichton quote.

Man is indeed all puffed up with his own self-importance.

LASunsett said...

In the movie theater previewer's voice:

In a world far away, there were plants, trees, birds, and creatures unknown to mankind....there was....well... there was no Obama.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, it is cool. There is one school of thought that there may be life on one or more of the Jovian moons.

AOW, the quote perfectly sums up the global warming debate

LA, but who would create this world?

DaBlade said...

Ah Yes... I love that entire reading of Crichton's work by Charlton Heston.

MK said...

I remember a few years ago reading about new species of fish that were discovered, ones with teeth on their heads and such. weird stuff, but that's the reality, there's a lot we don't know about this planet and a lot we'll probably never know.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, he would have a good voice for it

MK, I think it's cool

Anonymous said...

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