Monday, September 7, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

Jones' Resignation May Embolden Administration Critics had the headline: Who's Next? over a picture of Van Jones, Obama's recently departed Green Jobs czar. The obvious inference being who will the GOP and conservatives target in the Obama White House next?

Interestingly, right below they had a link for another article in which Obama is appointing a czar of manufacturing today.

So, what do you think about this?

What are your thoughts on the czars? Will we start seeing pressure being put on the Democratic controlled Congress to start holding Obama to account for this power grab? Will we see Congress accusing Obama of violating the Constitutional balance of powers like they did Bush? We have already seen Sen Byrd say as much.

Is attacking Obama a good or bad strategy for the GOP?

Can the GOP go too far and appear to be mean-spirited and obstructionists instead of doing their job as opposition?


Z said...

Chuck, check this out:

See any bias against the Right? "Hit list" of Conservatives? Inferences that the czars SOUND radical but, gee, really guys, if you just cut them some slack!? (ya, right).
That politico article really did me in.

OF COURSE, we're emboldened to think it worked that Van Jones is gone..we have a country to save;
Particularly after seeing THIS, most horrifying post I have ever seen..BAR NONE:

read at your own risk

Chuck said...

Z, I don't have much use for Politico. Do you ever see the term left-wing used? These sites all refer to right-wing (which I am a member of with no apologies) but never left-wing. I read the second one, worrisome.

Brooke said...

I don't think we can be too vociferous in attacking Obama and his czars and power grabbing!

Lord knows his own party will do nothing but go along to get along, it is up to conservatives to stop this.

Z said...

Didn't Politico even start as more conservative? I don't read it, somebody sent me that link, but I had thought it was...Mike Allen's associated with them, right?
I don't know...I thought they were at least unbiased, but apparently not. That link's article is absolutely laughable.

shoprat said...

The pressure should be kept on but battles need to picked carefully so that we do not over-extend and have no Pyrrhic victories.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I tend to think we can overdo it. Conservatives need to give him enough rope to hang himself.

Z, I think they started as a middle of the road from what I remember but they don't seem to be that way anymore.

Shoprat, agreed. Truth is, Obama will do as much damage to himself as we can.

Leslie said...

The real problem has been a weak GOP in the first place. They became wimpy and didn't know what to stand up for, became afraid to fight back, and were led by polls and the stifling attack of political correctness.

Now they are actually taking a stand and showing they have some guts to call a foul a foul... Like a parent, they need to choose their battles, but not let up on the pressure to hold accountable those who are messing with our Constitution.

The American people want to see someone who is not afraid to stand up and put up a good fight. Bloody the bully's nose and make him think twice about bullying again.

MK said...

"Will we see Congress accusing Obama of violating the Constitutional balance of powers like they did Bush?"

Yes off course they will, right after the pigs do a fly-over of downtown sydney.

Chuck said...

Leslie, agreed on both points. I think a big part of the GOP's problem at the polls has been that they are not willing to stand for something. As far as Obama, they need to hold him accountable without being idiots like the Dims have been for the last 8 years.

MK right, and as soon as the Dems actually investigate Charlie Raangel