Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Extinction Is Not All Bad

Warning: If you are a member of PETA, Earth First and/or are a tree-hugging, climate change-believing practitioner of Gorianty, this post may offend you.

Extinct eagle may have eaten humans

BANGKOK - Sophisticated computer scans of fossils have helped solve a mystery over the nature of a giant, ancient raptor known as the Haast's eagle which became extinct about 500 years ago, researchers said Friday.

The researchers say they have determined that the eagle — which lived in the mountains of New Zealand and weighed about 40 pounds — was a predator and not a mere scavenger as many thought.

Much larger than modern eagles, Haast's eagle would have swooped to prey on flightless birds — and possibly even the rare unlucky human.

Now, I have two thoughts on this:

-While it may be selfish, I'm glad this bird is gone. I personally would rather not be eaten by a bird.

-How did these animals become extinct before we started pouring green house gases into the atmosphere and cutting down their habitats? Aren't these the reasons animals go extinct?


Bob Qat said...

The Leftists see nothing wrong in eating all humans.

The "rich" are humans. Eat them. The Left is statistics, and bad statistics at that. Eat all statistics? Hmph.

You see, Bush caused global warming for all epochs in the past. The One proposes a Carbon Tax so effective it began working in 2005, when global temperature began to drop. Imagine that, four years before it was even proposed, it began to work.

(Does Bob have enough and wishes to vote Demoncreep for the rest of his life "The One The One The One.... " )

Sorry. Back to the pickets.

MK said...

Some go extinct and some survive and some are born. I don't think we should go out there and start killing off every animal that can kill us, but we need to keep humanity above animals, that's all. It just doesn't have to be one or the other.

shoprat said...

They would have had to have killed and eaten the human on the spot, as a bird that size could not have carried off a human. That would have left them very vulnerable.

Simple solution. Do the same as we do with tigers etc. Keep them where we are not.

Chuck said...

Bob, if only they would eat leftists

MK, thanks

Shoprat, good point