Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Stopped From Racial Profiling Illegals

Feds limit Ariz. sheriff's crackdown on illegal immigrants

His “crime suppression operations” are saturation patrols in designated areas where deputies would find illegal immigrants by stopping them for traffic infractions and minor violations, the paper says.

The Department of Justice and other federal agencies are investigating the sheriff’s office on accusations of racial profiling during the operations, the paper says

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Let's recap so everyone is understanding what is going on here. Sherriff Arpaio is fighting a massive influx of illegal aliens from Mexico and the rest of Latin America and the federal government is accusing him of racial profiling because, what, he's looking for only Hispanics?

The stupid just keeps coming from this administration.


Z said...

You know, Chuck, I hate to say this (again) but sometimes it feels like we're just a big dirty doormat....not doing anything to stop the influx of law breakers..
When did this happen?
This Sheriff is one of our best and he's stopped from racial profiling? How many come across his border who aren't Hispanic? Is Obama afraid they might catch an islamist terrorist or something?

MK said...

I hope Sheriff Joe tells those sniveling weasels to jump off a cliff, that man has done more in a day than all those useless parasites supposedly leading your country put together.

Brittanicus said...

This Sheriff doesn't pander for campaign contributions from the business communities, globalists or Internationalists? So because he doesn't comply with their demands, as they do, they desire him out of office? He is an ongoing danger and worst nightmare to the corporate agenda for illegal discount workers. Now he has a free hand to arrest and not no longer restrained by 287 G federal law, but can use the powers of state laws detain illegal aliens and the criminal elements amongst them. We need more Joe's tent cities and his inmate cuisine of bologna sandwiches, since being subjected to this type of incarceration will deter the most ardent inmate? Nationwide we need more inflexible officers of the law, who will not prostrate to the open border lunatics? Not the soft clean hands of manipulated cops who don't make waves, as they are contemplating looking towards an easy road to retirement. SEEING THAT OUR OWN ELECTED GOVERNMENT, REFUSES TO ENFORCE THE 1986 LAWS (IRCA), THERE OATHS TO PROTECT US FROM OUR ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. THEN COURAGEOUS POLICE OFFICERS MUST CARRY OUT DUTIES OF WHICH AMERICAN'S VOTED FOR?

However the corrupt lawmakers around the nation, have not been able to undermine E-Verify? AS YET? YES! Legal Immigration matters? We should announce to the world that newcomers are welcome, if they come through the front door? We only need those immigrants with specialized skills, such as computer engineers, scientists, doctors and those with highly recommended credentials as developed nations? America has a sovereign right who we choose to settle here? What we don't need is pregnant women slipping across our border, for instant citizenship of their child or destitute illegal aliens whose cannot exist without taxpayer welfare, chain family migration? We don't need in these country illegal recipients who need free health care, education when we already ignore our own people who live in poverty? We need to enforce the 1986 immigration reform law (IRCA), not cripple it for the sake of parasite businesses that live of the slavery of millions of foreign national workers. Seeing that the business world are screaming for more Guest Workers, they should take on the responsibility of paying for their health care and education, instead of dropping sick illegal labor of at the emergency room. to, leave the hospital bill for taxpayers. Instead of expecting the American people to pay for the enormous burden, they should pay separate expenditures for every illegal foreign national and their families.

We need to execute now, a complete war immigration chest containing mandated E-Verify for every worker--NOT REPRESSED--, or 287 G, local police arrest of foreign workers, the Rep.Duncan Hunter original national fence, instead of chopping it down to single line. We need enforcement of our laws, with harsh penalties for violating them. We need politicians we can trust, instead of those elected such as Sen.Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Feinstein and a whole list, who can be graded as Anti-American worker, anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal immigration and compromising the Rule of Law. Submerge them in your anger and frustration at 202-224-3121 Find out the buried truth at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB, for overpopulation facts.

Chuck said...

Z, maybe we should be looking for northern European illegals on the border of Mexico?

MK, he's a good man. He runs a tough jail too

Brittanicus, welcome and thanks for stopping by. A lot of the problem is business> if we dry up the jobs, we slow down immigration.

da patriot said...

I saw Joe on FOX this morning and he says hes going to continue to do his job as he sees it, the way he has been doing it. His employer is the state of Arizona, and he is enforcing existing law. He seems intent on telling the Fed to go pound sand.

Always On Watch said...

The stupid just keeps coming from this administration.

Beyond stupid, really.

I can't come up with a polite word.

Brooke said...

Stuck on stupid, as Rush would say.

Well, DUH. Illegals are MOSTLY hispanic?

Chuck said...

Patriot, Obama needs to pound something

AOW, you don't have to be a gentleman around us

Brooke, he could be looking for Muslims. That would get everybodies panties in a bunch

Anonymous said...

Uou small minded white supremist should go work the fields, build rock walls, get paid $5 an hour and you could not stand up to hard working craftsman that put food they picked on your table. Furthermore, your should be upset at the corporate world that had given big bonuses. It is obvious you are of the mentality that Hispanics are stealing, don't be stupid all your sorry life, your tax dollars went to support high corporate excutives that are vacationing abroad as we speak.

Chuck said...

Anon (if that is actually your real name), thanks for stopping by. When such a well spoken liberal like you stops by it serves as an exhibit of the brilliance of the left.

For the record, I did build "rock walls" for $5 an hour when I was a kid, I worked for my grandfather putting basements up. But since I am a law abiding citizen of the United States, I went to college and became a contributing member of society instead of one of the illegal parasites you are so eloquently defending.