Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Virginia A Warning For Obama?

Barack Obama's political capital is slipping and this is a very good read on the warnings that the governors races in Virginia and New Jersey hold for him and his fellow Democrats.

PRUDEN: Something really scary for Obama's Democrats

This is one Mr. Deeds who apparently isn't going to town. The collapse of the Democratic campaign for governor of Virginia speaks volumes - chapters, anyway - about what the body politic is trying to tell Barack Obama's Democrats.

They're learning, painfully, that campaigning without George W. Bush is baffling, frustrating and scary. Worse, it offers a preview of what the congressional campaigning will be like next year. One Obama doorbell ringer, working neighborhoods in Northern Virginia for Creigh Deeds, says even the promise of free pizza can't lure faithful Democrats to a rally.

I am not entirely certain how much off-off-year elections say about a President and a party. I have always believed in the old saw that all politics is local.

With that said, this passage may not bode well for the Democratic party

Bill Clinton, accustomed to speaking to cheering thousands at a hundred grand a pop, was dispatched the other night to a Deeds rally to set the throng on fire with one of his late-October stumpwallopers. The rally, such as it was, was held not at an arena or a hotel - not even a Motel 6 - but in a campaign office in the Washington suburbs. The "throng" was counted in the dozens, about the size of a PTA meeting.

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While this is a off-off-year election, the lack of excitement could be not an alarm for the Democratic party but a fog horn blowing in their ear.

Meanwhile back in Washington, Nancy Pelosi is rebranding the public option with a name change to "consumer option" and Barack Obama is on the back nine more than he is in the backroom with his Generals on Afghanistan.

This then begs the question, are the Democrats deaf?


DaBlade said...

deaf and dumb for sure. The Enchanted One and his cohorts have lost their steam?

cube said...

None are so deaf as those who chose not to hear.

I think the democrats don't care what the masses want because they believe we are too stupid to know their "enlightened" way.

cube said...

Um, that's choose not to hear. It's my typing that sucks, not my spelling & grammar.

Gramma 2 Many said...

He is on the back nine and more of our brave men are dying in Afghanistan. October, the deadliest month since the war began in 2001. Didn't he make some campaign promise concerning our troops? Words, just words.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, forgot dumb

Cube, they were sent here from their home planet to show us the way

Gramma, agreed and where the hell is the media?

MK said...

The left can't/won't change, it only the voters who eventually wake up to the bunch of scumbags and parasites they really are.

Chuck said...

Agreed MK