Friday, October 16, 2009

Put These Dirtbags Away Finally

I take a dim view of child abuse. While I realize this is a fairly universal aversion, I have seen things that would curl your toes. This one is not only sick but was preventable.

Oklahoma Couple Charged With Locking Boy in Closet for Years

OKLAHOMA CITY — The mother of an Oklahoma boy who says he was locked in apartment closets over four years was charged Thursday with 29 counts of child abuse for allegedly torturing and imprisoning him.

Prosecutors allege that LaRhonda McCall, 37, and her friend, Steve Vern Hamilton, 38, beat the boy repeatedly — with "fists, bike chains, cables, extension cords, and/or boards," leaving permanent scars. Hamilton is charged with 24 counts of child abuse.

The charges also allege McCall tortured her son in various ways. She once allegedly tied him naked to a ladder and pouring sugar water over him in order to attract insects. Another time, the charges allege, she poured alcohol on him and lit it on fire, burning the boy. She also allegedly forced him to stand barefoot in the snow for more than 45 minutes

Now for the preventable part:

McCall was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in New York in 1996 in the death of her 2-year-old daughter and served six months jail time. Prosecutors in that case alleged McCall, who then went by LaRhonda Presley, essentially starved the toddler who died in February 1995, according to a New York grand jury indictment obtained by the AP.

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Six months in jail for second-degree manslaughter for starving her 2 year old child to death? WTF?

When are we going to start protecting children in this country? A woman who is capable of starving a 2 year child to death does not belong in society. She certainly does not deserve to spend only 6 months in jail so that she can then get out to have more children and torture them.

I am a firm believer in the theory that abortion is the root of a lot of this. A society that tolerates the systematic and brutal murder of children in the womb is destined to view children as less than human. When we have women's rights groups calling unborn children "parasites", or a "mass of tissue", or a "burden" then it is a natural progression to the practice of viewing children as such.

Finally, how can a society view children as an asset when our President says this:

We need to take back control of this issue. We need to treat children, unborn or born, as the miracle they are.

We need to throw these dirtbags away with the rest of the trash.


LASunsett said...

Keeping in mind that about 95% of the time I agree with you and your stances, this is one time I do not completely share your view.

While your thoughts on the scumbag woman in this case is right on the money and no more needs to be said about her, I think it's important to recall Prohibition when trying to solve the abortion problem.

I hate abortion as much as you do and would never in a million years counsel someone to have one as an option to an unwanted pregnancy. But think about what would happen if abortion were outlawed completely. Once something is made legal, you cannot legislate it out of demand.

If illegal, the black market, back alley butchers will resurface. And as a result, many young kids will die of sepsis as they did back before it was legal.

I would rather see abortion remain legal, so that troubled confused kids have (at least) a safer option, supervised by an MD. Yjis is far better than having low-life scumbags killing them.

The way to end abortion is through the demand side, not the supply side. Al Capone and his cronies made a fortune when the government tried this with liquor, I see very little changing with abortion.

Anyway, that's my story and I am sticking to it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

MK said...

"A society that tolerates the systematic and brutal murder of children in the womb is destined to view children as less than human."

Exactly right Chuck, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if this piece of scum were to be sentenced to death, leftists would be the first to come running to save them.

Something ain't right in the world, we're hearing more and more of these stories these days, where the most vulnerable are brutalized and destroyed, evil is being allowed to spread.

Chuck said...

LA, thanks. I too agree with you on most things. We have to part ways on this though.

I do agree that there is an inherent risk to women who get back-alley abortions and I do not want to see anyone harmed or die for their mistake. It does have to be recognized though that it would be a choice they make themselves, to get the back-alley abortion.

The main reason I disagree though is because I think legalized abortion creates a demand for abortion. We have developed an attitude in society that pregnancy does not have to be prevented because abortion is an option.

Truth is though that this is not an argument with an answer, it turns into a chicken-egg scenario.

Thanks though for registering your disagreement, I do appreciate and respect it.

MK, thanks. Another part of this issue is that we had a strong push from liberal social workers in the past to keep the family together at all costs.

I cannot disagree more. I do like to see families stay together, it's the bedrock of a society.

Some people though are simply not equipped to raise children and they will not be no matter what we do.

While it may be controversial, I think some people cannot be fixed. A woman and man who will starve a child to death (the woman only) or treat a child like this is rotten at the core.

Like I said in the post, this woman simply should not be loose in society.

cube said...

Just because a person can have children doesn't mean they should. Sadly, this is a chilling case of two poor children who were poorly served by social services and the judicial system.

I wonder where were the uncles, aunts, grandparents, or neighbors who also should've stepped in to help.

Gramma 2 Many said...

How about 41/2 years of the same treatment? Then life in prison. I understand there is a code in prison that is not easy on child abuse.
You are spot on about abortion too. People need to remember who Margaret Sanger was and why she pushed so hard to have abortion legalized.

Chuck said...

Cube, it's easier than getting a driver's license. One thing in this article is that there is a 18 year old that is screwed up to.

Gramma, here's to hoping they live a long time in prison.

Burr Deming said...

You make two interesting points.

As I understand the logic, child abuse is caused by abortion rights.

Then, a campaign remark by then candidate Obama to the effect that childbirth should not be used as if it is punishment for sex is proof that Obama considers children as punishment for sex.

Compelling reasoning.

Brenda Jean said...

I have to believe there will be a special place in hell for people like this couple. I can't fathom harming any child, but especially my own. Someone should have made sure this woman never had children again. When someone murders a child they should have to at least be made sterile on top of life in prison, just in case they get paroled. Of course the punishments are a joke too.

Chuck said...

Burr, thanks a lot. I have tought abortion has played a role in child abuse for a long time

Brenda, one would hope there is a special place

dmarks said...

Obama's views on abortion are on a fringe that is only shared by an extreme few percent.

What else can you say of those who favor killing children who have already been born and calling it abortion?

LASunset: If it were illegal, one could stop the back alley butchers by following the front alley butchers. That is, the ones who do it legally now and would do it if it were illegal.

The logic of "people will do it anyway" is not the best. Imagine if we applied it to rape? Abortion is an unwarranted act of violence that must be stopped.

Society is under no obligation to make an act of violence against another human being "safe" for the perpetrator.