Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"It doesn't stand alone. It is part of a process,"..."There's other input that's coming throughout the government that the president will take on board. But I think we ought to look at it in context."

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State


This was in defense of news that Obama, while considering whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, has only met with Gen. Stanley McChrystal Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan once on the issue.

This administration is so arrogant and has such disdain for the military that getting the advice of the Commander of the campaign is just "part of a process", we need to look at it in "context".

My question is, shouldn't it be the process?

Let's not forget Congress in all of this either. Republican Congressional members have asked for the General to be called to testify. The Democratic leadership has refused, likely fearful of what questions the GOP would ask that the General would then be compelled to answer. I guess they don't want a "General Betrayous" moment huh?


Dave Miller said...

Chuck, I for one appreciate a President who is willing to consider what other informed people have to say about something as important as troop levels for military operations.

I am sure some of those other people include the Sec. Def. Sec. of State, and other military officers.

It is exactly what G. Bush did before we entered Iraq. He listened to a variety of leaders within his admin, and then made his decision.

I am sure you remember a certain Gen Shinsheki calling more hundreds of thousands of more troops to begin the war, and then being removed from command.

That is what a president should do. Hear from more than one source. And it is what all of our presidents have done.

If you are upset with Obama because he does not seem to be heeding the advice of his general[s] in this instance, were you as upset at Bush when he ignored the call of Shensheki and others to start the war in Iraq with many more soldiers?

Chuck said...

Dave, maybe read the blog again? I did not criticize Obama for speaking to other people, not doing so would be irresponsible. What I am saying is he has talked to his General on the ground one time. I heard the point made that he has talked to David Letterman more than he has talked to the General leading the war in Afghanistan. This is in light of the fact that more troops are dying now than have been in a long time. You can spin this anyway you want but it is indefensible.

As far as Bush, I felt he should have sent more troops to begin with. I talked to another person at another blog about this - DO NOT put words in my mouth.

Finally, save the "but Bush..." bullshit for another blog, it doesn't fly here. Bush is no longer President, Obama is. If you can tell me with all honesty you did not criticize Bush while he was President than you can bring that nonsense here.

Dave Miller said...

Chuck, I do not think I put words in your mouth. I did ask a question though.

As you did... "My question is, shouldn't it be the process?"

And my answer is no. It is not the process. It is as Sec. of State says, part of the process.

Let's not forget that Pres. Obama does have the former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Jim Jones, as his National Security Advisor.

I am sure he is listening to him as well. And I am sure Jim Jones is talking to the leaders on the ground in Iraq, and then advising Obama.

FInally, nowhere in my response did say but Bush did this... or that. I could care less what he did at this point, because Obama is our President.

But I do feel it is disingenuous for people to criticize Obama for how he goes about making a decision if they were silent when Pres. Bush employed the same methods.

Chuck said...

Dave, I was not silent when Bush did not send enough troops to Afghanistan or Iraq, I was also not blogging then so I did not do it on my blog. You were insinuating that in my view it was okay for Bush but not for Obama so you were putting words in my mouth.

You did go down the "but Bush..." road.

It is exactly what G. Bush did before we entered Iraq. He listened to a variety of leaders within his admin, and then made his decision.

In fact this statement of yours is exactly what I was saying: Bush listened to a variety of leaders within his administration, including the Generals on the ground. He met regularly with his commanders. I do notice you are conveniently ignoring the fact that Obama has only talked to General McChrystal once.

The point I was trying to make on this is that all of a sudden the left has found religion and wants us to ignore any show of utter incompetence by Obama after grinding Bush in the ground for the last 8 years themselves. That does not go here.

I did answer this question:

"My question is, shouldn't it be the process?"

Seeking advice of other people should be done (as I said in my reply to you). It should not be the whole process though. Considering that Obama has met with his General in Afghanistan only once and that he, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the administration is passing off this fact as irrelevant proves my point.

As I said in the blog, this shows the contempt for the military that the left has always exhibited. The attitude of the left is that the civilian advisors know more about military strategy than the men and women on the ground. This is an attitude that the Obama administration has shown on everything from health care to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have shown that they feel they are better equipped to manage every aspect of our lives better than we do. It is liberal elitisim that they know what is best for us and the unwashed among us need to just shut up and let them help us live our lives better.

That was the point of my post.

Always On Watch said...

Part of a process?

Sounds like something a Progressive (leftard) would say, doesn't it?

In my experience in education, process is a buzz word for "Don't expect too much."

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Chuck, give President Obama a break.

After all, he has to triage his priorities, and that's never easy.

Travel to Copenhagen to insult the insult the IOC, or meet with General McChrystal?

Have a love affair with Hugo Chavez, or meet with General McChrystal?

Hire another worthless Czar, or meet with General McChrystal?

These are tough, gut-wrenching choices, Chuck. Leave the poor man alone.

Chuck said...

AOW, send it to committee

PCC, he does have his plate full

MK said...

Much to the irritation and wishes of the left, the surge in Iraq worked, they don't want the same to happen in A-Stan.

Chuck said...

MK, all of a sudden people will support the military, can't have that

Z said...

MY question is, process or no process, should OBAMA make the decisions with NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER? God help us all!

Chuck said...

Z, unfortunately that question is moot, he will make the decision