Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Society To Be Proud Of

Letterman apology brings in big ratings

His apologies meant another big night in the ratings. The Nielsen Co.'s overnight measurement of the nation's 56 biggest markets netted Letterman's "Late Show" a 4.2 rating - higher than anything rival NBC had in prime-time.

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I have nothing to add, I think this story speaks for itself.


Nikki said...

Yes he has his own little reality show right now...nothing like the voyeuristic tendancies of Americans tuning in to see what Dave will confess to next. I think this spike will be short lived and he will experience a very large drop shortly...listen for the thud! :)N

Gramma 2 Many said...

Not only does it speak for itself, it speaks for society in general.

Randy said...

Where is NOW on this? How about those who supported Lilly Ledbetter? Why is it that sex between a high ranking official and someone working for him is tolerated? (a case with a former president comes to mind).

It seems to me that other people on Letterman's show now have grounds for a lawsuit. The gal involved moved up quickly and I'm sure other people were turned down for those parts.

He might have gotten off cheaper by paying the $2m.

cube said...

I think NOW made a limp-wristed (no pun intended - not that there's anything wrong with that) response to this accusation, but we all know that it would only be a full-blooded response if Letterman were a conservative.

This is a given. Until we turn our media into a free press, i.e., a neutral entity that treats both sides of the political spectrum equally, we will never have equity in reporting again.

I'd be surprised to see any sanctions against Letterman in the future.

Always On Watch said...

His apologies meant another big night in the ratings.

Is Letterman playing the story for ratings? I wouldn't be surprised.

Chuck said...

Nikki, back where he has been for years

Gramma, sadly so

Randy, Bill O'Reilly was asking the same thing lasyt night "where is NOW".

MK said...

People of today will forgive almost anything, heck some out there are celebrating an ideology that killed 60 million people and want to give it another chance. It's a mad world folks.

FairestWitness said...

You know something, Chuck? I have never much cared for DL. To me he comes off as an elitist, sarcastic to the point of being just plain mean. He just creeps me out.

Now we learn the guy is a pervert who imposes his "attentions" on women who work for him. He thinks it's funny?

Everyone in the media world is raving about his finesse and "perfect" handling of this situation. Now we've learned his ratings are way up as he makes light of this despicable conduct.

YOu should have titled this blog, "A Society NOT To Be Proud Of".

Chuck said...

MK, study out today i that they are now 1/4 of the world's population

Fairest, Palin is attacked beause her teen daughter got pregnanat, Letterman cheats on his wife (a lot) and it's funny. It's a brave new world

FairestWitness said...

Funny you should mention Sarah Palin. She's been one of Letterman's main targets.

Now we know why -- he wants to screw her and her little daughters, too. What a freaking perv!

FairestWitness said...

Chuck, the accused blackmailer's lawyer has been hitting the morning news shows and cable outlets, intimating that there's a whole lot more to come out about this story.

I don't think we know the whole truth about Letterman's conduct yet. Stay tuned...