Monday, October 12, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

But Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' "Face the Nation," said in his brief editorial commentary Sunday that the committee (Nobel, ed) may have done Obama a disservice.

"I would guess no one at the White House was praying for the president to win the Nobel just yet, not because they're selfless humble souls whose only goal is to help humanity but because they are very good professional politicians who would know better than most of us that an undeserved accolade has a high probability of backfire," he said. "I generally agree with the president's approach on foreign policy, but the Nobel Committee did him no favors by giving him the award before he had anything to show for his efforts. ... What the Nobel Committee has managed to change -- and I am sorry to say it -- is the way we look on the prize."

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So that is the question this week, is the Nobel a good thing or bad thing for Obama?

There are possible landmines here. Liberals could expect him to live up to it. Moderates could look at it as further canonization of the president and become more and more disillusioned of him. Conservatives, well, we know it was stupid.

Is there any possibility that the general public could come around to the likely conclusion that this is really nothing more than a slap in the face of America? Will Obama take a hit for that?

So, what do you think? Could this be a gift he should have returned?


cube said...

I think BO should not accept the award, but we all know the walking-talking ego won't do any such thing.

He might, might turn down the Heisman when it's offered.

Larry Durham said...

I think the "award" paints Barry into a corner with the super lefty libs out there. Should the sainted one ramp it up in Afghanistan, you just know they're going to go ape sh!t. So, from that standpoint, it's bad for Barry.

But there are a lot of glazed eyed Obamatrons out there; so, you can bet your smart car that they view winning the NPP as the final verification The One's Lordship.

The Rattler said...

The award was already tainted by it's presentation to Love Story Gore. Piece of crap award for a worthless president. In other words, he is very deserving!

Chuck said...

Cube, there is still suspense on which catagory he will win the Oscar for

Larry, I think it's most likely a lose. People that are head over heels about him can't like him any more. People that are on the fence may get pushed off

Rattler, welcome and thanks for visiting. So we're agreed, it's perfect for him.

cube said...

lol. We laugh now, but they awarded algore an oscar for his piece of crap mock-u-mentary.

I don't think it would be wise to slight BO because he hasn't won an award for a few days ... maybe the footage of MO tilling the garden footage will qualify for an Oscar for best actress in trying to give a sh$t in a performance.

LomaAlta said...

He never should have become president, and thus in the lime light to receive the undeserved award.

I have listed some people who deserve it as much as Obama here:

Dan said...

If it were possible for him to do so, he should have declined the award. He actually missed an opportunity here to turn down the golden egg in favor of the goose that laid it. The fact that he didn't reveals the real naive and unsophisticated man that lives beneath the media created illusion. Also, the fact that he accepted it suggest that maybe, in his heart of hearts, he thinks he did something, like get born, that deserves it.

I agree with schieffer that "What the Nobel Committee has managed to change... is the way we look on the prize." I would add also the possibility that it may have hurt former winners in the eyes of those who have not given themselves over entirely to Obama worship now that it is even more plain to see that the whole Nobel thing has become a farce.

Is there any chance at all that you might have once lived in Nashville TN?

Chuck said...

Cube, funny

LomaAlta, seen these lists. Amazing the people they passed over

Dan, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Agreed on all points. I have never lived in Nashville, the closest I came was spending the night there once about 20 years ago. I thought it was a cool city though.