Monday, October 26, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

Posting this late, I was out working to pay for other's health care.

The question this week is about the war that Obama and Congreessional Democrats are waging on the Chamber of Commerce and the insurance industry.

There are 2 possible outcomes on this.

One is that he can score points with a public increasingly angry at "big business" and who is always against the insurance company.

The other is that he is going to piss off the people that fund campaigns, resulting in a significant increase of money into Republican campaigns to defeat the Democrats in Congress thus thwarting Obama's plans.

What are your thoughts? Which is it going to be?


Anonymous said...

To begin with, the white house claim that the Insurance Industry makes obscene profits is a damn lie. According to information broadcast on Fox News yesterday afternoon, the insurance industries have a 2% profit margin. Two-percent. It would be nice if we could one day trust our politicians to speak the truth, eh? Well, forget it … it isn’t going to happen. You see, politicians don’t call these things lies anymore. It is merely ‘spin’.

And how awful will it be if suddenly, all the real news media and cable news channels start behaving like Fox News … well, you can see what might happen.

Semper Fi


Right Is Right said...

Obama's ratings are dropping like a rock in the ocean. People are now beginning to see him for what he REALLY is. Obama has been whining since he finally figured out that not everyone in the United States is goo goo eyed over him, the way he dresses, the way he walks, the way he eats dijon mustard on his hamburgers, and the way he constantly refers everything of value in this world is himself. When every liberal media and comedy show was bashing Palin and her family 24/7 relentlessly, in the most horrible vulgar way possible, I didn't hear Obama, his staff, his liberal suck-up media, or any Democrat say, "That is going too far and we want it stopped." Even when Letterman said those horrible vulgar mean things about Palin's daughters, Palin didn't whine. She did however go on one of the liberal channels and put her foot down and told them this was going to stop. She let them know if they had to attack to keep it between her and them, but like Obama, the children are off limits. Also, for eight years we heard horrible trashy things said about President Bush and First Lady Laura from all the liberal media (MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and more. Bush continued with class and strength to go on his interviews with ALL the liberal media and he took it like a man with grace. During the campaign, why didn't SNL make up a story saying Obama could see Canada from his house and try to portray he was stupid? They could have even put something he really did say like he visited 57 states, but they didn't. They covered for him for over two whole years and to this day. A lot of people to this day still believe Sarah Palin really said she could see Russia from her house, that when it was proven she didn't by which is liberal. Yeah, I would say that Obama has been more than a wasteful whiny brat. He is not honorable or mature enough to take this job and do it justice.

Chuck said...

Mustang, saw that article on insurance company profits. Wonder if there is much the Dems are peddling that is true.

Right, thanks for stopping by. When SNL did mock Obama CNN fact-checked them. As far as the Palin Russia quote, I personally know Dems who believe she said this.

LASunsett said...

//The other is that he is going to piss off the people that fund campaigns, resulting in a significant increase of money into Republican campaigns to defeat the Democrats in Congress thus thwarting Obama's plans.//

This is already happening. RNC fundraising is up, and this includes small donors. They raised $8.74 million in September alone.

$50 isn't a lot of money. But if just 100,000 people were do without something that costs that much for one payday, that's $5,000,000.

As the 2010 election season gets closer, I suspect RNC fundraising will increase.

Chuck said...

LA, I agree. He'll be the gift that keeps on giving

MK said...

Let them wage their war on commerce and everything business, eventually people will wake up when they're out of a job and services are cut because taxes dried up too.