Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homeland Security Chief Working To Prevent Violence

Only 3 days after the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Janet Napolitano was already gearing up the Homeland Security Department to prevent further attacks - on Muslims.

Homeland chief warns against anti-Muslim backlash

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — The U.S. Homeland Security secretary says she is working to prevent a possible wave of anti-Muslim sentiment after the shootings at Fort Hood in Texas.

Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday's rampage by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim who reportedly expressed growing dismay over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The shootings left 13 people dead and 29 wounded.

Napolitano was in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday for talks with security officials and a meeting with women university students in Abu Dhabi.


Ignoring the fact that we just had an attack by a Muslim against American interests in the US which looks a lot like terrorism, where is the evidence that we have a significant problem with anti-Muslim attacks in the US?

Another good question to ask is why is she in the United Arab Emirates when we just had a terrorist attack here in the United States last Thursday? Meeting with UAE security officials. Shouldn't she be here doing her job? Meeting with US security officials?

In my mind, her going to a foreign country, a Muslim country at that, after a terrorist attack at a US military base by what appears to be a Muslim extremist and promising to defend Muslims borders on sedition.

Of course, I'm just a paranoid, far-right, ultra-conservative just out to get Obama. There's nothing to worry about here in the United States. The government is working to protect us. Were safe.

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I Have this update after I posted:

Despite ban, Holder to speak to CAIR-linked group

Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to give a keynote speech next week to a Michigan group which includes the local branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations even though the FBI has formally severed contacts with the controversial Muslim civil rights organization
An FBI spokeswoman confirmed that the FBI’s Special Agent-in-Charge in Detroit, Andy Arena, will serve as co-chair for the Nov. 19 dinner.


I don't get it. I almost have to believe our government has made a conscious decision to side with the terrorists over the United States.


Always On Watch said...

Be sure to check the post I put up this morning. Talk about fox guarding the hen house! Check out the fellow who's heading the FBI investigation!

LL said...

Somehow the mainstream media, and of course the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, have twisted the mass murder of US Serivicemen and women into a tribute to the shooter as the real victim.

I don't get it.

There is only one word that fits = ObamaNation.

cube said...

"Big Sis" is a slave to the left's PC offensive against America. Her views are no different from the rest of the BO admistration or that of the lackey press that carries BO's water.

That these people are in charge of keeping our country safe is something that should scare the crap out of all Americans. Too bad so many of these very Americans voted this travesty into power.

Chuck said...

AOW, saw it

LL, well put

Cube, we may find that keeping the country safe is not soemthing they will be doing

MK said...

"I almost have to believe our government has made a conscious decision to side with the terrorists over the United States."

They have Chuck, they made that choice a long time ago, all the evidence points to it.