Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"Mistakes are found, somebody put the wrong number in a column, or numbers are transposed. ... It's not uncommon,"

John Conklin state Board of Elections, New York


This is in response to news that the election in the New York 23rd Congressional district is tightening.

Am I the only one alarmed at the cavalier attitude towards the electoral process on display here?

We are at the point in this country where election results simply cannot be trusted any more.

ACORN, the Senate election last year in Minnesota, constant stories about dead people voting, stories of Democratic operatives going into nursing homes and "helping" the elderly vote.

We have quietly turned into a banana republic.


cube said...

I find it alarming that there isn't more outrage over this travesty.

Chuck said...

It's an embarrassment to the country.

MK said...

There's no outrage probably because the left's scumbag is winning or they've really done a lot of rigging, more than the usual.