Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quote Of The Week

Obama told Fox News in an interview Wednesday that additional settlement building doesn't make Israel safer. He said such moves make it harder to achieve peace in the region, and embitters the Palestinians in a way that he said could be very dangerous.


Does this last sentence sum up the Obama Presidency to date or what? Keep the Muslims happy so they don't attack.


Anonymous said...

A couple of things come to mind. The first is that the term ‘Israeli settlements’ does provide a unique word picture; so then, do we assume that the Israelis are just pushing people around because they can? Is it an accurate description to say that the Israelis are bullies and are displacing Palestinians from their homes?

Or, is it far more accurate to note that the lands the Israelis are building settlements in are lands captured and seized from Egypt, Jordon, and Syria during past wars? Since when, in the history of mankind, have conquerors not seized land and put it to good use for themselves? Why is Spanish the predominant language throughout Central and South America, and why do many West African countries speak French? Um … we might also wonder why the predominant language in Flint, Michigan is Arabic.

It is easy for me to assume that the people most critical of Israeli are also those who use ‘political correctness’ as a tool to achieve their own aims. In the case of Obama, he seeks to uplift the Palestinians at the expense of the Israelis; this is what we should assume that Obama, as a Muslim leader will do. We have also seen the opposite of this —the hallmark of our inept foreign policies. Perhaps it would be a better ‘foreign policy’ to remain silent about issues that are none of our concern; this is particularly true since Americans politicians are in no position to criticize anyone. I do note that we do not hear anyone suggesting that if the Palestinians really wanted to prosper, they would join hands with the Israelis, rather than constantly blowing up innocent schoolchildren on buses.

If Obama seeks to keep the Muslims happy, they must be ecstatic. Consider that we have played directly into the hands of Islamacist strategists. They want us to feel guilty because then we become more pliable to their long-term goals. Slowly, ever steadily, Muslims reinforce their rhetoric. Our political system is corrupt, and the American people lack balls. The proof of this would seem to be the fact that Islamic money bought Obama’s election to the presidency, and the American people did not rise up in anger. Who is most at fault here?

Semper Fi

Chuck said...

Too be honest, I'm not certain what to think of the Isreali settlements. While I am not a fan of Palestinians, it does seem as if Isreal antogonizes them. I guess what Itook from this quote is Obama's bit about if we will just leave the Muslims alone and give them what they want, they won't harm us.

MK said...

Small wonder most israelis think that obama is no friend of Israel. He definitely isn't.

Hannityinaskirt said...

"it does seem as if Isreal antogonizes them."

Well that's just flat out untrue. Israel bends over backwards, fights a war with its hands behind its back to avoid "antagonizing" palestinians. They drop leaflets, send text messages & phone calls before attacks so civilians don't get killed. They bring hundreds of trucks with food, water, medical supplies to gaza and actually do more to protect palestinian life than who the Palestinians voted for. Hamas doesn't build bomb shelters or try to protect its people. In fact it kills palestinians that use Israeli hospitals as "traitors" So no, to say Israel "antagonizes" palestinians is not only so completely wrong its a total opposite view. palestinians antagonize Israelis with suicide bombs and hamas rockets while Israel's fight a war on terror with their hands tied behind their back not to kill the people that voted in a landslide for the people now trying to kill their people.

Anyway as for the original post, This clearly shows just how either stupid, naive or evil Obama is, if he believes the conflict in the middle east is because of Jews building houses and not a palestinian mindset that glorifies terrorism and suicide bombings and a culture that celebrates death.

Also, What "embitters" Palestinians is the fact that Israel is full of Jews. Rather or not they are building houses.

Chuck said...

MK, anti-semitic

Hannity, welcome and thanks for stopping by. You will not find many blogs more pro-Israel than mine. I think the best solution for all is to have the Palestinians move out and let the Israelis live in peace. With that said, the Israelis have not been completely above reproach. Support is not the same as a blind belief that they can do no wrong. I stand by my assertion that Israel is not perfect, they do do things to antagonize the Palestinians.

Hannityinaskirt said...

Israel has done plenty of wrong, especially with its last prime minister caring more about what Europeans think of them than protecting its people. Yes, Israel has done wrong, what country hasn't? It isn't blind belief to discuss the many instances Israel has had to go out of its way not to inconvenience the palestinians. It is blind belief to say things with no evidence. What on Earth has Israel done to "antagonize" the palestinians? besides being Jews? They often go out of their way to make sure palestinians are comfortable, up to the point where security or Israeli lives may be at stake.

Khaki Elephant said...
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Khaki Elephant said...

The politics of appeasement. We knew it was being ushered our way.