Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Racism Of The Associated Press

I was reading this article from the Associated Press. I was directed there by a post by Z at her blog, Geeeeez.

I will not speak much to the basic premise of the article, that any GOP wins in the off year elections tomorrow do not mean much. You can read the article for yourself (it is worth going just to see how ridiculous it is) and because Z did a wonderful job. Stop by her site and read her take on it.

One thing caught my eye though when I was reading it. (emphasis mine)

Fiery talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have become the angry white face of the party...

Tell me the last time you have read an article in which Al Sharpton was referred to as the angry black face of the left.

How the Hell does the fringe media and the rest of the left continue getting away with this overt racism?


Always On Watch said...

Tell me the last time you have read an article in which Al Sharpton was referred to as the angry black face of the left.

Well, never. Of course!

cube said...

They get away with racist remarks
and anti-semitic remarks like Jesse Jackass calling New York "Hymietown" because, with few exceptions, the media make the rules.

Anonymous said...

http://www.alternet.org/story/68603/ How about this one. There are more. I'm sure Rush has mentioned it, I know you don't consider him mainstream but the big difference between him and mainstream media is more use of fact checking.

Z said...

Cube's right; Today, the media's making the rules; of course, they're TOTALLY in the bag for THE ONE, so we know what those rules will be.

thanks for the nod, Chuck.
You're so right to point this part of that article out. The Assoc. Press is becoming a joke, more every single day.

shoprat said...

When you are guilty of the worst possible crime, being conservative, you are considered guilty of all else. I guess a liberal is by definition innocent.

Chuck said...

AOW, silly question right?

Cube, agreed. We have Al Sharpton making anti-semitic remarks and then turning around and blocking Rush from the NFL for being a racist.

Patrick, thanks. I'm not sure whom you are assuming does fact checking, Rush or the MSM. I don't think either spends a lot of time on it. Although Rush does appear to attempt to be correct more than the MSM.

As far as the article, I think Sharpton has brought most of this on himself. He sets himself up as the spokesman for black America. Also, the article really glossed over the Brawley and Harlem cases. His "shoot-from-the-lip inflammatory statements" were anti-semitic, not a simple slip of the tongue.

With the Brawley case, it is thrown back in his face because it was an incredibly stupid and racist thing to do. Quite frankly if he was not black, and therefore gets a pass from the media, his career would have been over then.

I actually like Al Sharpton personally. I see him on Hannity occasionally and he is respectful and friendly with him. He does get away with far more than any white person would though as far as race goes.

Z, you would think they couldn't get any worse.

Shoprat, I ahve used this quote before and I will use it again. In fact I am going to put it on my page.

The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

Author: Peter Brimelow

DaBlade said...

That was a good pull Chuck. I read right over that reference the first time. I guess we are just conditioned to expect this type of slander and bias from big media and no longer get surprised by it.

MK said...

It's a good question Chuck.

They've always been racists though, the left, just look at the consequences of their actions for those of color.

Z said...

amazing quote on racism there. If it's okay with you, I'm adding it to my side bar..thanks.

Katie said...

"The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."

Love it!

Chuck said...

DaBlade, just one of those rare lucid moments for me. I think your right though, we have been conditioned to not see this stuff anymore

MK, greed

Z, it's all yours

Katie, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Great huh? Found it on World of Quotes. Cool site