Monday, November 16, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

The Obama administration, in deciding to try alleged Sept. 11 conspirators in a New York courtroom, has said it is setting its sights on convictions, but some critics say a civilian trial -- instead of a military tribunal -- could end up targeting the Bush administration and its anti-terror policies.

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So what are your thoughts on this?

Is this a legitimate desire to give the terrorists justice?

Is this another way for the left to "get" Bush?

Is it another incident of Obama using the Bush card to get out of trouble on botching health care and pretty much everything else he has done?

Will it work?

Who would wind up paying the price, Bush or Obama?


Always On Watch said...

In my view, it's a given that the Bush administration will be a target in these trials.

I'm sorry to say that a lot of Americans do hate GWB and will gloat if the GWB administration is targeted.

I'm at a loss to explain the hatred of GWB. I've seen it from normally-sane people!

Perhaps those who have been sucked into the Cult of BHO must hate GWB as part of the membership in the cult?

aoindependence said...

Of course Bush will be on trial along with American at this lane-brained trial. That's whatit's all about!
Maybe it’s just me but it is getting more apparent that our national anthem means less and less to folks these days.
I learned when I was in kindergarten that you should stand silently, with your hand over your heart. You can either sing along or just shut the fuck up but more and more people are oblivious of this.
To those of you who like to text, chat with neighbors, pick your fucken nose and scratch yourself down there let me just say you people make me sick.
Here I am in the DC arena full of liberal folks, albeit in the liberal capital of the Country and people are showing less and less respect for the anthem and what it means.
In addition more and more idiot fucks like to shout out random retarded shit at the end of the song where it says “and the home… of the brave…” brave being replaced with some ignorant shit like “The other team Sucks” which was shouted during Kansas City Chiefs football game.
Not sure why it bothers me now, I have been to more sporting events in person due to my Mrs. and me purchasing KU football tickets and witnessing the dreadful collapse of a promising football team.
Folks this is just an observation and a rant. Moodiness has its price.

This moodiness has also led to me not blogging near as much as I have in the past. I have just made a conscious decision not to pay as much attention to the days news and I use to. I’ll be honest with you; I just don’t give a shit as much anymore… or at least right now.
I’m sure the time of year has a lot to do with it. It has been a busy time here it work after next week we will have nothing major until February so I will have a lot of down time.
The weather has been great in this part of the country and I have taken advantage by riding my motorcycle and frankly this takes precedence over anything our idiot fuck president does. (Or don’t do, when he should)
I don’t want pay too much attention to Obama fucking things up, and believe me he has fuck up enormously . I will be so happy when he ceases to be president any longer. Maybe then folks can find work, recapture the “American Dream” and life can go back to some semblance of normal.
I have taken some advice from Newt during his presentation last week (if you have not watched I highly recommend). Yes Obama has fucked up things but this is America… we can and will recover and if this nation can overcome a fucken moron like Jimmy Carter we can overcome a disaster like the little prick Obama.
So while I go through my “don’t give a shit stage” but we all have our priorities and Obama or liberals in general should NOT be at the top of anybody’s give a shit list, but be on there somewhere.
I may start posting more funny and entertaining stuff to break the cycle of despair and hopelessness many face because of this Socialist thug president.
So to wrap up today, here is something I did read this morning.
Grieving Mom demands Obama make decision on Afghanistan troop levels... As family and friends mourn a fallen U.S. paratrooper on Veteran's Day, his mother made an emotional plea to President Barack Obama that it's time to either bring home the troops or end the war in Afghanistan.
The body of Benjamin Sherman, 21, was recovered in Afghanistan Tuesday.
"It's time we do something. This has gone on too long. They either need to come home or we need to end it," a tearful Denise Sherman said.
Sherman was on his second tour of duty when he disappeared in Afghanistan last week during a mission to resupply troops in the western part of the country. He was a paratrooper with the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, N.C.
So my message to Obama is simply... Shit or get off the pot!

cube said...

Yes, they're going to go after the Bush administration. It's their raison d'etre.

Loren Christie said...

First of all, I don't want the accused terrorists to set foot in NYC. I think it is cruel that the trial has to be here. If it is true that the Bush administration is a target then that is dangerous for us all. While the media feeds this new circus, and the Obama administration is busy defending itself and kissing up to lunatic world leaders, more plots will be brewing undetected perhaps. Bringing the trial to NY makes the city less safe and it angers me. If the courts convict them, I hope that these terrorists get life in prison, not "martyred," as they call dying for their crimes. If they are set free I will pack my bags for another planet.

Brooke said...

Obama will definitely try to defame Bush during these trials.

That said, I think that history will target them both; Bush for dithering instead of immediately dealing with these terrorists, and Obama for giving them civilian trials.

Chuck said...

AOW, I know a few libs, my whole family are Democrats (a source of shame for me). It is irrational. They are actually relatively conservative for Dems yet they will attack Bush for having the same stance that they have. It's a mental disorder IMHO

aoindependance, welcome. I agree, there has been a distortion of Americanism. Fortunately I live in a rural heartland area, being disrespectful to the National Anthem in our area would not turn out well with these rednecks. These fine people would show someone the door for that.

Cube, it's all they have

Loren, I don't think they will be set free but you may want to keep your luggage handy. There is no surprise anymore with this administration, anything goes.

Brooke, I agree. I think Bush should have been significantly harder, and quicker on these guys. I was thinking the other day, "why were they even still there when Obama came in?" With that said, they were. It is up to Obama now to actually side with America. It's tough for him but I think he can do it.

shoprat said...

If Bush loses this then America loses.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, well put

MK said...

As i said on my latest post Chuck, there are only two things that will happen from this, KSM has to be freed because America cannot risk compromising its methods, sources and other classified material to convict him OR compromise its methods, sources and other classified material to convict him. Either way America is weakened in ways her enemies could never have hoped for without the aid of their infidel whores on our ideological left.

"Who would wind up paying the price, Bush or Obama?"

America will pay a greater price and that is their objective.

DaBlade said...

Paying the price will be neither Bush nor Obama, but the families of the victims mercilessly massacred in the name of their false god, as well as potentially harming our national security and making us a joke in the world with the ultimate result of causes numerous spontaneous run-on sentences around the blogosphere because folks are so PO about BO.

Chuck said...

MK, this is exactly what I am worried about. A civilian court will throw out so much evidence it will be near impossible to convict. He then goes free?

DaBlade, agreed. The people to pay ultimately are the families.

MK said...

"He then goes free?"

Off course, if the court won't convict him, the left certainly won't. A muslim could shoot someone in the main street of New York in plain sight on national television and leftists will insist innocent until proven guilty and even then, never to the gas chamber.