Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Is Really Going On With The Terrorism Trials?

Note: I posted about the 9/11 terror trials yesterday. I am so angry about this I am making it a 3 part series to conclude tomorrow.

We have talked about this before and will talk about it again. Mostly because it is important. The 9/11 terror trials upcoming in NY defy logic.

These men are going to be virtually impossible to prosecute in a civilian court. The men were not read their Miranda rights, as combatants are not. They were not given the same access to a lawyer during their entire stay as American citizens are afforded. (They have them now on our dime). We have likely not allowed them access to the embassy staff of their respective country as custom dictates for foreign prisoners, largely because many of them are not of a single country due to the nature of their crimes.

They will make it a show trial. Their lawyer has already said the defendants will plead not-guilty even though they have admitted to their crimes, so they can "explain" why they attacked us 9/11. These men have already offered to plead guilty and be martyred but will not now that they have a chance to speak out.

Their lawyer will have access to some confidential information. The information that the government does manage to keep away from them will in turn contribute to the difficulty that the prosecution will already be facing because it will limit what evidence can be presented.

Finally, we have already had a case of a terrorist defense lawyer aiding and abetting terrorists. If you think this is all mindless ranting, read this article about Lynne Stewart and how the federal courts can be real low key about punishing terrorists like her.

So with all of this, what is really going on here?

Obama and his staff are idiots but they are not stupid. They are all lawyers, they know the law well enough to know that these issues are real.

Further, there is strong speculation that if these men are acquitted they will immediately be detained and held indefinitely as enemy combatants as they are now. I think this is likely to happen. I don't think Obama is stupid enough to let these men walk out of a courthouse in NYC free men, it would destroy him and his party.

So what gives? Why the farce that they are playing out right now?

Is it as some of us suspect nothing more than a way to play the Bush card to distract people while he sneaks through health care and/or cap and trade, etc, etc?

Is he that cynical about our country that he is willing to screw us to show we are tolerant of those who have taken so many of our lives? Is this just another feather in his "President of the World" crown?

What are your thoughts?


Always On Watch said...

These trials will be a three-ring circus -- just like the OJ trial.

BHO and his cohorts are doing everything they can to undo America.

Furthermore, the trials will be consummate distractions from the socialism this administration is pushing onto the American people.

I can't recall any time in American history when our nation has been in greater jeopardy from within.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I think Obama wants a judge to order Gitmo closed. Like I said yesterday, he made a promise that he won't keep. He wants it closed but he doesn't have the political capital or the political will (the balls) to do it himself.

In four years he's going to say . . .

"Bush did the Bailouts and wrecked the economy. Pelosi and Reid did the Stimulus and Cap and Trade and the Health Care reform. Judges ordered Gitmo Closed. Vote for me for four more years to LEAD our nation."

Brooke said...

"Further, there is strong speculation that if these men are acquitted they will immediately be detained and held indefinitely as enemy combatants as they are now."

How would Obama justify this?

This whole thing is beyond fubar.

Gramma 2 Many said...

My feelings are that this is a concerted effort to get to our enemy the secrets he cannot disclose in any other way. He really does not care about us or our country at all, he has an agenda and he will do whatever necessary to implement said agenda. The death of America is all he cares about along with his other Muslim brothers.

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed, with all of it. I think it is a distraction

Miss TC, good take on Gitmo. Interesting thought.

As far as Reid/Pelosi passing this stuff, I don't think so. I used to be resigend to it but I think the fact that the GOP was able to stall it until after the Labor Day break may have killed health care (and the rest). The numbers are sinking on health care reform support. It will be hard for the Dims to get the votes in Congress. Even more so the closer we get to next years election.

Brooke, agreed. It's almost comical to have this show trial, an acquittal, and then detain the men afterwards. Most of the country will see him as an idiot, the far left will be outraged that he does not let them go after their day in court.

Gramma, I honestly soemtimes wonder about this.

MK said...

Obama is not stupid, the way i see it, this is a calculated and deliberate move on his part, either this will undermine American national security or it will be a useful distraction so that he can push through his leftist agenda without much screaming. Neither is a good thing.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed. It is scary

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, there are several possibilities. The Attorney General, Holder, has testified that they will be convicted in federal court. Successful appeals have been won with less.

The government will be faced with disclosing secrets vital to our national security and to our forces overseas, or refusing defense lawyers' requests for information. Those that love America would seek to protect our nation and forces overseas and deny the defense lawyers' requests. Nearly certain chance of tossing out the case directly or on appeal.

If the government does disclose information putting our nation and overseas forces at grave risk to gain a conviction, there will certainly be Americans murdered overseas and future 9/11 style attacks.

If acquitted, I cannot see Obama keeping them locked up. He would more likely free them and announce to the world how fair and just we are all the while blaming it on Bush. With a wink and a nod Obama would be sending Muslim terrorists that America is open to attack again.

Finally, neither the Geneva Convention or any other pact or agreement forces the US to treat enemy soldiers as US citizens with all the rights in court we have. Soldiers out of uniform have long been seen as spies and executed. Islamic terrorists are soldiers of Islam and the host country and they were out of uniform when captured.

Chuck said...

LOmaAlta, I believe that Obama will hold them, if anything for poitical survival. I further believe this would not be his personal choice. I do fear that you coud be right though, he very well may let them go.

As far as them visiting with their embassy staff, I agree with you. I do not feel they should be able to.

Just wondering out loud if some judges will see it the way we do. They do not always bind themselves to the law, but instead sometimes like to make their own.