Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Will Be The Cost To Obama For The 9/11 Terror Trials?

Note: This is the conclusion of a 3 part series on the 9/11 terrorist trials in NYC. I have posed questions the last 2 days about the risks of trying the case in a civilian court and the possible rationales behind the decision.

We have talked here and at other blogs about the upcoming 9/11 terrorists trials in NYC. The question today is how will this effect the Obama Presidency?

I think we can dispense with any pretense that Obama did this for the noble goal of seeking justice. The men have already admitted their guilt, a military tribunal would have been the logical choice. So there is political calculation here, Obama sees himself gaining something from this. Will he?

The obvious first determinant is whether the men are convicted.

If the men are convicted, Obama may get a little credit for this. I say a little not out of spite but in recognition of the fact that the men have already said they committed the crimes. While a conviction may bring some relief to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, as far as suspense goes it will be anti-climactic.

If they are not convicted there could be Hell to pay for Obama for the very same reason, they have said they committed the crimes.

The worse case scenario here is that they are acquitted and a judge orders their release.

As I said yesterday there is strong speculation that if the men are acquitted the government will detain them immediately and hold them indefinitely as enemy combatants and I believe they will do this.

As I posted Monday though, a lot of this depends on the judge that hears the case. What if we get an activist judge who decides to take a stand against the US national security policies of the past and order the men released?

Obama's support would be down to the few far, far left radicals that think the US is an evil empire.

In a best case scenario of acquittal, the men will be taken into custody and Obama will come out of it looking like a complete and total fool, allowing guilty men game the US justice system and beat it. His support will not be much more than the above case because he will look like the inept man he is.

This brings us to a conviction. This is till a trap for Obama in my mind.

The most likely outcome here is that the terrorists, through their attorney, will be given a platform to attack the US war on terror, the arrogance of the US, and the brave struggle of the freedom fighters against the tyranny of an evil empire.

I have heard the comment on Fox News that the judge will likely keep a tight rein on the terrorists during the trial and there will not be cameras in the courtroom for them to perform to. This very well may be true but the real drama will be outside the courtroom.

We will have the defense attorney putting the US policy of combating terrorism on trial. He will discuss waterboarding, the fact that his clients were not afforded rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the fact that they have been detained in supposed horrid conditions at Gitmo.

None of these items are even remotely factual but when has a defense attorney been bound by the facts?

So again Obama has egg on his face because he is letting men who are known to be guilty game the US justice system for their propaganda.

So, how does Obama do after all of this? What are your thoughts?


Gramma 2 Many said...

I am hoping he tucks his tail between his legs, packs his bags and moves in with his brother in Kenya. If his brother will have him, that is.

Brooke said...

BHO's administration has really shot itself in the foot on this one. I don't see a way he can come out of this not looking like a fool.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

There is no question that if there is an acquittal, Obama will suffer politically. He already looks weak in the War on Ter .... uh ..... I mean, the Overseas Contingency Operation.

If they are convicted (which is what I expect), I don't think it will make Obama look like a hero or that he knew what he was doing. The Leftist Media will portray it as a huge victory for the administration ... bigger than anything Bush every did in the War on Terror. I don't see it having much effect, in and of itself.

The other question is, even if there is a conviction, but the trial becomes a circus, vital military secrets become public, the terrorists get a platform to spew hatred, then the outcome could be the same politically as if there had been an acquittal. I don't see Obama recovering from that. But then again, I don't see America recovering from that, either. We are already loosing the War on Terror. It will get worse.

Anonymous said...

IMO, I think the question is a subset to the more important and longer-term question: "What will be the cost to the United States of America and to the American people, for electing Barack Obama in the first place?"

It will be a cost all of us are loathe to pay ... but will pay each time an innocent American is murdered by a terrorist, every time an American applies for work and is not hired, every time we decide that we cannot afford to purchase anything because our tax liability is to high, and every time we ask the government for it's permission to cure us through the National Health Care System ... and they deny us that cure.

Oh yes ... we are going to pay dearly for electing an avowed communist and pro-Islamacist sympathizer as our president. And we should pay. America really screwed itself this time.

Semper Fi


MK said...

hussein knows he'll most likely be out on his ass at the next election, so he might as well do as much damage as he possibly can while he still can.

Karen Howes said...

I second MK-- the Obama creature knows he most likely get re-elected (frankly, I think 2012 is to long to wait to toss him out of the White House). This is why he's in such a hurry to destroy this country.

Chuck said...

Gramma, maybe there's room for him in the shack

Brooke, I agree. It is exactly what I have been thinking. I wonder if he will blink and cancel the trial

Miss TC, good point about the media. This will be Obama the conquering hero

Mustang, that is the real question. Ultimately I don't care what the cost to Obama is, he made the decision. It will be us, the "common" citizens that will pay for his reign of incompetency.

MK, there has been speculation he wants to go for the UN next. Wonder if he is only planning this as a 1 term deal?

Karen, agreed

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, I am not as optimistic about this issue as you are.

First, whatever the outcome, it won't matter to the most Obama supporters: 99% of the Democrats, all of the MSM, and all of the free lunch, giveme giveme crowd will go right on supporting him and being his mouth organs.

We already know he is a fool, so how will another example matter?

The biggest losers are US forces overseas, US travelers, and the people in America who die from terrorism.

But, ultimately the entire world, without the US to protect it, will slide deeper into evil.

Always On Watch said...

These trials are a lose-lose for BHO.

Now, he doesn't think so. As pointed out in the post:

So there is political calculation here, Obama sees himself gaining something from this.

He's wrong. Even some libtards think that these terror trials are a gaming of our justice system.

BHO cannot see that he's wrong because he's filled with a Messiah complex.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, I think he will lose support among the Dems. They may not be out protesting him but they may quietly stay away from the polls.

AOW, agreed. Pray to Obama it all goes well, huh?