Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blago's Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Blagojevich's lawyers seek FBI interview with Obama

Rod Blagojevich's lawyers want the FBI to give up details of interviews conducted last year of President Obama, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and others as part of the investigation into the former governor


I'm not a lawyer, I'm human, but I think this is a stroke of genius on the part of the Blago legal team.

This forces the FBI (read White House) to decide how badly they want Blago. Do they want him bad enough to release these transcripts and at the very least embarrass Obama and team? The worst case scenario here is that Emanuel or someone else in the WH could be implicated.

In my mind Emanuel is up to his rear in this episode and he really does not want the transcripts released.

My suspicion is that if a judge rules in favor of the defense and orders the transcripts released Blago will all of a sudden get a sweetheart plea deal and be spared prison time.


rosey said...

I agree with your assessment on most points but my belief is that yes, Blago is seeking a plea deal. Everyone in the US who has followed this crap is aware, despite what Blago has publicly stated, that he is guilty of more than just the Senate Seat thing.

He is also guilty of his involvement in "Operation Board Games" and many other illegalities that politicians enjoy as perks. In Board Games, the prosecution had given pleas to low level participants in order to get to the top dogs and so far has reached Blago's inner circle with the cooperation of Rezko after his conviction (which the only next logical step up that chain is Blago).

The only thing Blago has to save his sorry ass, is to cut plea to give up someone (a larger fish) more lofty than himself. That would be sitting Senators, White House Staff or perhaps even Obama himself (that is my choice).

Blago has made these types of threats in the past, through the media, directed at Obama and his staff and is more desperate now that his trial nears.

This is proven by the "mock burglary" at his attorney's office recently where computers were supposedly stolen that contained evidence that was to exonerate him (which I likened to "my dog ate my homework" excuse).

I do not think that in the event Blago gives up the "big fish" above him to cut a deal, it will not include getting out of jail.

This is because anyone who has followed the Prosecutor in the case knows, he is a pitbull with integrity of his position and subjected to political games in pursuit of justice.

cube said...

Blago knows how to play Chicago smash-mouth politics. He will get a deal before BO & his cohorts get their nasty little secrets divulged to the world.

Karen Howes said...

Oh, I'm sure he'll get a deal. This could be good... pass the popcorn.

Chuck said...

Rosey, welcome and thanks. I do not doubt the prosocuter, I don't know enough about them. I just wonder if the FBI will hamstring the case by withholding the interviews.

Cube, agreed. He would not be the first pol to get off with a slap on the wrist

Karen, it certainly will be interesting

Z said...

I am SO HOPING Cube's WRONG...but I fear she's right :-(
I'd LOVE to see Rahm squirm..so much.

DaBlade said...

"I'm not a lawyer, I'm human" LMAO!

Chuck said...

Z, agreed

DaBlade, they're natural enemies of health care providers

Randy said...

Good move on Blago's part. Even if the FBI files are completely innocent, the WH won't want them to be given out, it's a matter of precedent. The WH isn't accountable to anyone (same was true in previous administration).

Smart card to play.

Chuck said...

Randy, now the attorneysd are saying they may call Obama as a witness if it goes to trial

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