Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dumbest Poll Ever?

Poll: Rush Most Influential Conservative

By a wide margin, Americans consider Rush Limbaugh the nation's most influential conservative voice.

Those are the results of a poll conducted by "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair magazine and issued Sunday. The radio host was picked by 26 percent of those who responded, followed by Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck at 11 percent. Actual politicians - former Vice President Dick Cheney and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin - were the choice of 10 percent each.

This is the kicker:

The random national telephone sample of 855 adults was conducted by CBS News from Nov. 6-8. The margin for error is plus or minus three percentage points.


Keep in mind this is a CBS poll, but back to that in a minute.

Why would you poll all Americans to find out who the most influential conservative is? Wouldn't you maybe poll conservatives only? Why would anyone else have any insight, or any business for that matter, in determining who the most influential conservative is?

Now, as I said, this is done by CBS. To say their polls can have a little liberal bias is beyond ridiculous, they have a lot of liberal bias.

So we have a poll that is likely slanted to the left asking this question. Any guesses as to why? Could this perhaps be done solely to attempt to embarrass the right and push CBS' far left agenda.?

Naw, they're a news organization. They would have better standards than this. Right?


cube said...

I don't trust much of what comes out of CBS, especially their polls. I think this one is rigged to scare Independents and Libertarians away from the Republican party. It's like they're saying, "Look at the right-wing ideologues they support! They're all extremists!"

When we all know who the real extremists are.

MK said...

Let them keep trying to smear conservatives, their boy in the white house will keep screwing up like leftists always do and people will then know where to get the real facts from.

I remember reading a while ago that if conservative pundits had their own interests at heart, they'd be rooting for a liberal to be in the white house. This is because their ratings, viewers and readers sky-rocket when it's a liberal in charge.

Keep telling everyone about Rush folks, people will figure it out themselves and if people are too stupid to see through the BS from the slimestream media, then it's better they stay over there on the left with the rest of the morons.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Rush is the most influential, even if the poll were conducted among only republicans or only conservative Republicans. CBS, I'm sure, thinks that it is a bad thing. I don't think so.

Where I have a problem is when Glenn Beck being so high in the results. (Number 2, as I recall). Beck isn't really a conservative. He is more of a libertarian. I like Beck, especially on fiscal issues, but he isn't a voice for the conservative movement, per se. Again, he's thrown in there by CBS to scare independents.

Chuck said...

Cube, agreed. The network of Dan Rather, nuff said

MK, Obama is the best thing that has happened to conservatives. He re-energized the GOP

TC, this is the funny part, Rush is only a bogey man on the left. Beck is the new Bill O'Reilly. They have smeared these guys so bad that they are now a dirty word. Neither are conservatives though, they are both libertarians.

LASunsett said...

//Why would you poll all Americans to find out who the most influential conservative is? Wouldn't you maybe poll conservatives only?//

Maybe Rush is, maybe he isn't. But the larger point here is that this is precisely how the mainstream media skews their polls.

Those who have had an intro to statistics class know enough to scrutinize the sampling and the methodology. Many of the sheeple the media leads have not had one, so they believe it like it is gospel.

This is but one instance of how the media influences public opinion in the direction they wish to see it go, instead of reporting on it.

I'd like to say its shameless in one way, but in another way the shamelessness is the people's lack of interest in learning how to spot crap when they see it. People in this country are getting dumbed down by this kind of stuff. And they do not seem to care, as long as they get a new I-Phone for Christmas so they can look important and cool.

Tom Brown said...

Nov. 6-8? Before the release of one of the biggest best selling books.

In a country of over 300,000,000 people, any poll with less than 10,000 people polled is pretty much inconsequential and biased. I know pollsters like to keep the numbers low, but that is just laziness on their part. There are actually more than three cities in the country.

da patriot said...

I went to the source and read the whole piece. It is all nonsense. It makes me wonder if it was simply used as filler since there is so much real news that they dare not cover as 'state run media'.

Chuck said...

LA, I had to take stats and a research class for my degree. Most polls are a joke.

Tom, I think one of the biases they use (intentionally) is where they conduct these polls. I think they poll people in the NY - DC corrider because they know they will get the results they are looking for.

Patriot, good thought except they are still running the story on the front page of their website. This is probably why they do not have space to report on the climategate story?

Papa Frank said...

News organization!!! HAHAHAHAHHA, THAT'S A GOOD ONE, CHUCK! Thanks for stopping by.

Chuck said...

PF, that's what they keep saying