Thursday, December 10, 2009

Educating A New Generation Of Leftists

University of Minnesota Under Fire for Task Force's Discrimination-Based Teacher Education Plan

A branch of the University of Minnesota may require all education students at the school to understand and accept that they are either privileged or oppressed and that they be well-versed in issues like "white privilege," "institutional racism” and the "myth of meritocracy in the United States."


Understand what this means: they are teaching the teachers to teach far left ideals to our children. Anyone that says we are not trying to indoctrinate kids in public schools is full of it.

Not enough? Look at this.

Kids to Meet Marx in School – Care of Hollywood and The History Channel

Enter Howard Zinn – an author, professor and American historian – who, with the help of Hollywood and the History Channel, intends to change the way our pre-K through high school children learn American history. His current curriculum suggestions, like introducing three-year-olds to the lynching of African-Americans, or quizzing seven-year-olds on which Presidents owned slaves, should be a red flag to parents.

It's often the little noticed sentences that catch your eye:

Perhaps due to their one-sided perspective of America’s past, Zinn’s history books have largely been limited to colleges and universities, until now.


So we have Universities training future teachers to push far left ideals, with the assistance of this writer, and then him taking his ideals to the History channel. Nice. This will give the new teachers audio-visual aides in the indoctrination of our children.


cube said...

The indoctrination of our children by the liberal left has been going on for years. I think the difference is that they're more blatant about it now.

They won the three branches of government --the 4th if you count the media,too -- and they figure they don't have to hide it because they have the power to do whatever they want.

Frankly, they're right because republicans have zero power right now.

Burr Deming said...

Thank you for revealing this plot to turn college students into racist, left wing zombies believing all whites are privileged and all institutions are racist.

It took me several minutes, but I managed to discover the original source, a harmless report submitted by a task force to a committee which will eventually recommend to the University of Minnesota ways to improve teacher performance.

Your schedule is apparently more prohibitive than mine, so you must rely on Fox News and a blog called Big Hollywood.

However, I am always happy to help you out.

Chuck said...

Cube, all you have to do to get a feel for what the public schools are turning out is to read the next comment.

Burr, you don't bring anything with you. Do you deny our public schools are pushing a leftist agenda on our kids? Read the article again from Fox, like this:

"Every faculty member at our university that trains our teachers must comprehend and commit to the centrality of race, class, culture, and gender issues in teaching and learning, and consequently, frame their teaching and course foci accordingly," it says

The bottom line is we can put our heads in the sand and ignore things like this or we can stop it before it happens. Too much of this is snuck through already.

Finally, if you are coming here just to insult me

Your schedule is apparently more prohibitive than mine, so you must rely on Fox News and a blog called Big Hollywood.

don't bore me. I have time to do enough research to my satisfaction and I am the only one here that needs to be satisfied. If you do not like it, piss off.

Burr Deming said...

Yeah, I do get a lot of that.

Of course I realize now that you actually invest a substantial amount of time in discovering your sources. Thank you for correcting me. In my own poor defense, I hope you understand that there was nothing in your original post that would have led me to believe that. Best wishes as always.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.