Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's All Bush's Fault

"It's becoming clear that the system that's been in place for years now is not sufficiently up to date to take full advantage of the information we collect and the knowledge we have,"

Barrack Obama, Dec 29, 2009


This can clearly interpreted as "it's Bush's fault", Obama's answer to anything that has gone wrong for the last 11 months. Believe me, a lot has gone wrong in the last 11 months.

Let's look at the facts though.

-The federal government had intelligence about the Fort Hood shooter, almost the entire amount collected under Obama's watch, and they did nothing. 13 people died and 30 people were wounded.

-The federal government knew that the underwear bomber was a threat and yet he was not placed on the do not fly list. By the grace of God only was no one injured or killed.

-George Bush went 7 and half years without a terrorist attack.

It sounds to me like the Bush administration had an intelligence network set-up. The difference is, they knew how to use it.

Obama is right about one thing though, it is George Bush's fault. For leaving office and letting us suffer under this goofball and his inept staff.


Leslie said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly everyone forgets that little fact? No terrorist attacks for 7 years. I think that speaks volumes.
Too bad no one reads true historical facts anymore. They would much rather rewrite and eat mush. And cuddle up with terrorists. Isn't that sweet?


Leslie said...

That's rewrite history...

Larry Durham said...

With Barry the script changes, but it's always the same old broken record comclusion: W did it.

The audacity of this dope!

LASunsett said...

Evidently the world thinks Obama is an idiot, as many of us who frequent this blog do.

Terrorists are now at a point that they can feel more confidence in probing for weak spots in the defense.

Iran feels no need to comply with anything the international community wants in order to preserve the peace in their region.

Even Putin even has the audacity to ask the US to share it's missile defense information with them. I am sure it's probably being packages and addressed right now as we speak.

Point is, the world thinks this guy is a dolt and they are right. If this doesn't get the Dems out of power in 2010, get ready to do a lot of praying.

Gramma 2 Many said...

So we continue to blame Bush, who kept us safe for seven years, and do absolutely nothing to fix anything. If they know it is inadequate, why the H*%& haven't they done a thing to make it right?

Chuck said...

Leslie, there are facts then there is the news. You can't have both.

Actually the way you put it originally sound more interesting :)

Larry, easy to keep straight that way

LA, he's kind of become the world's bitch

Gramma, amazing that Bush was supposed to have fixed all of Clinton's lapses in less than 8 months but 11 months into Obama's term it's still Bush's terrorism program

cube said...

Affirmative action appointees are never responsible for their actions.

DaBlade said...

Obama has "become the world's bitch". Throw "willing" in there. What we could really use now is a Texas cowboy.

Always On Watch said...

-George Bush went 7 and half years without a terrorist attack.

A very inconvenient fact for BHO and his cohorts.

Chuck said...

Cube, or abilities

DaBlade, too bad we can't think of one

AOW, he's now claiming credit for luck