Friday, December 4, 2009

A Nation That Fosters Wealth

"In America, it's not a sin to be rich nor is it a crime to die rich,"..."This bill gives our nation's wealthiest families the ability to know exactly what their obligation to the nation that fostered their wealth will be, and it is fair and it is just."

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo. in defense of making the death tax permanent.


Two things.

Rich people are not so because they worked hard or risked their capital, they are rich because their wealth was fostered by the US.

Since the nation fostered that wealth, "it is fair and it is just" to take that money from them for people who have not worked as hard. In fact, they have an "obligation" to give the money back.

Finally, you have to love this:

Majority Democrats argued that a permanent tax rate makes it easier for families and small business owners to do estate planning, noting that fewer than 1 percent of all estates are subject to the tax.

See, it's not punitive. They are trying to help people.

Welcome to the Socialists States of America.


michael said...

Get the facts about this job killing tax at:

Z said...

this is the worst tax's totally illegal and unethical and TYPICAL Leftwinger RUBBISH, Chuck.

But, we do nothing to stop these things, so who can we blame?

Chuck said...

Z, I'm not sure this is true anymore. The tea parties, health care protests, etc. Obama and the Dem control of Congress has been good for the conservative movement.

DaBlade said...

Chuck, this is such a good post that all I can do is nod enthusiastically in agreement. What's ours is his and what's his is his.

cube said...

This is one of the worst taxes because it punishes a successful person not once, but twice.

Brooke said...

The antithesis of our Founder's vision!

Chuck said...

DaBlade, thanks. It's the socialist way

Cube, agreed. it also is grim. "Sorry about your dad, here's your tax bill."

Brooke, agreed.

MK said...

Deep down inside, this is what it's all about for leftist scum, because the majority of them are losers and worthless parasites they're always angling for the proceeds of someone else's hard work. And they'll frame it any dishonest or shameful way to convince enough people of it.

"This is one of the worst taxes because it punishes a successful person not once, but twice."

Exactly, they hate success, anyone that makes it out of the rabble will incur the hatred of the left, and anyone who has the left on their side directing their lives will never succeed.

Always On Watch said...

What accumulates in an individual's estate has already been taxed over and over again along the way. Why should there be a death tax at all?

Chuck said...

MK, jealousy

AOW, that is exactly right