Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"It's totally inappropriate,"..."It's another instance of disrespect toward Christianity and another example of the kind of abuse that would never occur with any other major religion, because the outcry would be so immediate and so loud that the people behind it would immediately retreat."

Deal Hudson, publisher of


This was in response to an advertising campaign by PETA using a picture of former Playboy model Joanna Krupa posing nude with a large crucifix covering strategic parts of her body.

This is dead on. Let her take the picture with a Koran covering her crotch and there would be Hell to pay. More importantly we would have the little darlings out burning buildings and killing innocent people so that we will once and for all get it that they are a peace loving religion.

I'm getting sick to death of this bullshit.


MK said...

Leftists will never tire of degrading and humiliating Christianity, at heart leftists are cowardly scum who only pick on those who won't fight back. They'll only respond to their own medicine.

But take heart, God doesn't forget, he's already arranged their comeuppance.

Always On Watch said...

The constant degrading of Christianity surrounds us these days.

But as you pointed out, Chuck, precious Islam must not be offended.

I grow very, very weary of SSDD.

Chuck said...

MK, I think they fear it

AOW, actually we could include Judaism in this too

LomaAlta said...

Chuck. Christians and Jews are not politically correct with the leftists today. Therefore, all is fair with them.

Putting it in human terms, its kind of not belonging to a protected class: I think that's you and me. And all is fair with the leftists and the unprotected class.
It is tiresome.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, you have it worng, this is tolerance