Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quote Of The Week


Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY)


This was directed at a flight attendant who had the gall to ask him to follow the rules that rest of the common passengers were expected to follow.

There are 2 issues here.

First is the absolute arrogance of Congressional members.

He simply did not seem to think the rules applied to him. He was a United States Senator. Didn't the flight attendant know he was busy destroying the country?

This is not the first time we have seen this. More than that, it appears to happen more with the "out for the common man" Democrats.

The second issue is the way he demeaned this woman. It is amazing how often we see this from Democrats considering their strong stance on protecting women's rights.

In my opinion, liberals are far more disrespectful of women than conservatives.

Look at their history.

As much as conservatives despise Hillary Clinton, she saw a new low of vitriol when she was attacked by fellow Dems when she ran for President.

Her husband, Slick Willie, is possibly the most disrespectful President we have ever had in regards to women.

Look at how the left ridicules a woman who wants to stay home and raise her children. She's a simpleton, likely less intelligent, and nothing more than a tool for her husband to use.

Look at how the left treated the women that Bill Clinton was sexually harassing.

Then of course, we have Sarah Palin. I don't need to go there for the readers of this blog, we all know the Hell she was put through.

I think this one word spoke volumes not only for liberals but for Congressional members everywhere.


DaBlade said...

Schumer is such a joke. You nailed this down tight Chuck. Democrats not only treat women with disrespect, they also treat seniors, the unborn, and all of humanity with disrespect (except for Saudi Kings and Asian Emperors).

Chuck said...

Agreed, bow to tyrants, kill babies and keep those bitches in line. It's a good time to be a Dem