Monday, December 21, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

I heard a comment while watching Fox that made me think.

The discussion was about the Copenhagen conference and which countries would sign on to making cuts.

One of the threads of conversation was about Kyoto and the notion that developing countries like China and India would have been exempted.

There is a push now by large industrial countries to not give China and India these exemptions, make them follow the same rules as everyone else.

My belief all along has been that they should. In fact, this has been one of my biggest hang-ups about the Kyoto Protocol (one of many).

The comment made though is that China and India may believe that all of these industrial countries used carbon-emitting practices to build their industrial base and now want China and India to play by different rules in their development.

I found this a curious way to look at it.

Forgetting all other things about China and India, unfair pricing, unlevel playing field such as lower wages, etc, do they have a point?

Are the developed countries being arrogant in making these countries play by different rules or are these environmental rules a good way to level the playing field?

What do you think?


LASunsett said...

//Are the developed countries being arrogant in making these countries play by different rules or are these environmental rules a good way to level the playing field?

What do you think?

I think it depends on who you ask.

Proponents of giving China and India (esp. China) breaks when they are the biggest offenders (example-Beijing just before the Olympics) probably want the Chinese to rise in power, so as to counter-balance and equal the US. It is because they fear the US.

Those who are against the breaks are those who fear China becoming equal to the US in military and industrial strength. They do not fear the US.

Randy said...

Interesting comment. I heard some small snippets of problems from developing countries (in Africa) being against the treaty, but wasn't sure why. The snippets I heard made it clear they were anti-American and anti-Europe.

I'm not sure what I believe. I will follow this post and more like it...

Miss T.C. Shore said...

You could argue that the U.S. also used slave labor to help develop our economy. Should China and India have a 100 year period where they can capture slaves from another continent and force them to work in order to develop their economies "fairly"?

Miss T.C. Shore said...

They should also use 18th century technology to build their economies and develop their own 20th and 21st century technologies ... just to make it "fair."

Always On Watch said...

The playing field?

Either there is a threat to Planet Earth or there is not. If there is, as the left maintains, then everyone should follow the same rules.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I found this a curious way to look at it.

Seen from their view, I think they do have a legitimate point.

Chuck said...

It is an interesting discussion. My gut is they should not be given this.

If they want a level playing field they should also have to live under the ridiculous regulations US companies have to contend with, have our labor and minimum wage laws, have unions. I am not necessarily attacking any of these issues, they all have merits. The point is, Chinese businesses operate free of all of the above.

LA and Wordsmith made good points in that it is all perspective. From their point of view, they should have this.

TC, made good points although one could argue they have had both "slave labor" and backwards technology.

AOW nailed it. If we can even have this discussion then there is not the emergency we are being told there is. At least most countries attending this conference did not appear to think so. Virtually every country was there to get what they could for themselves. If they believed there was imminent doom, they would have reached a consensus instead of trying to game the system.

Bottom line, we are being fed a load of shit IMHO.

Z said...

China and India are gaining on us...I say make their situations as tough as possible and make them live by everybody else's rules now.

They spew tons of awful stuff and they shouldn't get away with ignoring that.

I was thinking today how America's slipping because all we SELL here is MADE IN CHINA. Boils my blood.

DaBlade said...

A free society would not stand for having to live in the thick black industrial smoke that is China. That said, these whole climate summits are bs and nothing but an attempted shakedown of the U.S... We have led the world in pretty much everything good, including clean technologies without taking marching orders from a bunch of little marxists.

Chuck said...

Z, gaining on us, they practically own us. I think we need top level the playing field

DaBlade, most of the countries at Copenhagen were trying to hold a few (like the US) ransom over the issue