Monday, August 31, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

I posted on this a couple of days ago but it was only up briefly. It is a story that has been in the news lately.

Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

The letters were sent two years ago by Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to Kenny MacAskill, his counterpart in Scotland, who has been widely criticised for taking the formal decision to permit Megrahi’s release.

The correspondence makes it plain that the key decision to include Megrahi in a deal with Libya to allow prisoners to return home was, in fact, taken in London for British national interests.

My point in the last post was that Obama would not have the stones to do anything about it. Forgetting Obama for now, it's hard but you can do it, what do you think about this?

Specifically, what should the United States' response be? Should we have sanctions against any of the countries, the United Kingdom, Scotland, or Libya? If we should, who and in what way?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"The ABC Television Network has a long-standing policy that we do not sell time for advertising that presents a partisan position on a controversial public issue,"..."Just to be clear, this is a policy for the entire network, not just ABC News."

ABC spokeswoman Susan Sewell said in a written statement.

"We have not rejected the ad,"..."We have communicated with the media agency about some factual claims that require additional substantiation. As always, we are happy to reconsider the ad once these issues are addressed."

NBC spokeswoman Liz Fischer told


This was in response to ABC and NBC refusing to air a commercial by League of American Voters that is critical of the Obama Administration's health care reform.

Just a reminder, ABC is the network that ran the all day Obama health care infomercial on June 24th (excluding any groups with contrary views) and NBC is the network that sells 'all Obama, all the time' merchandise on it's site.

My question is, why are these networks still on the air. If your watching their news programs at all, stop. Let's get them off the air.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's See If Obama Has A Pair

Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

The letters were sent two years ago by Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to Kenny MacAskill, his counterpart in Scotland, who has been widely criticised for taking the formal decision to permit Megrahi’s release.

The correspondence makes it plain that the key decision to include Megrahi in a deal with Libya to allow prisoners to return home was, in fact, taken in London for British national interests.

Edward Davey, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said: “This is the strongest evidence yet that the British government has been involved for a long time in talks over al-Megrahi in which commercial considerations have been central to their thinking.”

Two letters dated five months apart show that Straw initially intended to exclude Megrahi from a prisoner transfer agreement with Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, under which British and Libyan prisoners could serve out their sentences in their home country.

At the very least, having these discussions over a two year period shows that this was not done for any emergency "humanitarian" reasons.

Now the only thing left to see is if Obama has the stones to actually make a fuss about this or if he is going to continue with business as usual and let us keep getting rear-ended by the rest of the world.

Compute This

Weather supercomputer used to predict climate change is one of Britain's worst polluters

The Met Office has caused a storm of controversy after it was revealed their £30million supercomputer designed to predict climate change is one of Britain's worst polluters.

The massive machine - the UK's most powerful computer with a whopping 15 million megabytes of memory - was installed in the Met Office's headquarters in Exeter, Devon.

It is capable of 1,000 billion calculations every second to feed data to 400 scientists and uses 1.2 megawatts of energy to run - enough to power more than 1,000 homes.

The computer used 1.2 megawatts to run - enough to power 1,000 homes
The machine was hailed as the 'future of weather prediction' with the ability to produce more accurate forecasts and produce climate change modelling.
However the Met Office's HQ has now been named as one of the worst buildings in Britain for pollution - responsible for more than 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

It says 75 per cent of its carbon footprint is produced by the super computer meaning the machine is officially one of the country's least green machines.


This is just too funny. Supposedly rumors that Al Gore is getting one of these for his Tennessee home are unfounded.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The First Step Is Admitting Your Party Members Are Stupid

Key Democrat Suggests Party Moderates Acting 'Brain Dead' in Health Care Debate

WASHINGTON -- A key House liberal suggested Thursday that party moderates who've pushed for changes in health care legislation are "brain dead" and out for insurance company campaign donations.

Moderate Blue Dog Democrats "just want to cause trouble," said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who heads the health subcommittee on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

"They're for the most part, I hate to say brain dead, but they're just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process," Stark told reporters on a conference call.


I don't know about you but I think this has got to get those Blue Dogs to come around and join the rest of the Democratic party to pass health care reform. If anyone in the Democratic party has any brains, hold your hand up (and wipe the drool from your chin).

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Richardson Probe 'Was Killed in Washington'

SANTA FE, N.M. -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members of his administration won't be criminally charged in a yearlong federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations involving one of the Democratic governor's large political donors, someone familiar with the case said.

The decision not to pursue indictments was made by top Justice Department officials, according to a person familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified because federal officials had not disclosed results of the probe.

"It's over. There's nothing. It was killed in Washington," the person told The Associated Press.

A federal grand jury began an investigation in 2008 into a possible pay-to-play scheme in which lucrative work on state bond deals went to a Richardson donor. The federal probe derailed Richardson's appointment as commerce secretary in President Barack Obama's administration.

I know I didn't see this coming.

We are seeing this more and more, the Obama Justice Department just dropping investigations of Democrats/liberals without explanation.

So far we have seen charges dropped against the Black Panthers, there have been at least two Inspector Generals investigating Democratic supporters fired and the investigations stalled, now this.

This is what happens when we do not have a media that is actually monitoring the President. He is doing as he pleases and getting away with it.

The only real solution at this point is to retake Congress and investigate the Justice Department. If it is found that the Obama Administration is abusing their powers to reward political friends and further their agenda, then maybe we can take Dennis Kucinnich and John Conyers up on their demands to start impeachment proceedings. It won't be the President they were thinking of but then you don't always get everything you want. Right?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Winning The 2010 Congressional Elections Without Risks

I was reading an excellent post by Leslie at Blunt Politics and I started thinking about whether Republicans winning the 2010 elections are not without some risks to the country.

While it is still not certain we will retake Congress in 2010, I think we will take at least one chamber, it is certain we will significantly cut into their margin of control.

In fact I think we will likely retake enough seats next year to at least curtail any power the Democrats have.

While I am obviously in full support of this, I think it will get interesting.

There are a lot of people on the left who are really insane. Read the comments at HuffPo or watch some of the whackjobs from the left on MSNBC or CNN. I know it is popular to rant on and on about the racist gun-toting white supremacist on the right but there are some really scary people on the left.

The difference with these extremists is that they are, not unlike Islamic extremists quite frankly, believers.

These people see something in Obama that a lot of people on the left and in the middle cannot and that people like us will never see (and would not want to).

I think there is a sizable portion of the left that see him as deliverer, someone they have been waiting for for a long time.

People like this are scary.

Also, I do want to be clear here in that I do not believe the majority of the Democratic party is like this. I happen to believe that most Democrats, while wrong, are not a lot different than most Republicans. We have differing opinions but at the end of the day we want the same things for the country, economic stability, safety from terrorism, etc. We just have different ways to achieve these goals.

There are some though that are just plain out there.

Look no further than the behavior of the left for the last 8 years.

So, back to the 2010 elections. If we retake part or all of Congress or make enough of a dent that they cannot push their far left agenda, we may see more than tea parties or screaming at health care forums, we may see actual violence.

I could see an uptake in racial riots. While most blacks will be appalled at this type of activity, there is enough of that insanity among them to cause a lot of trouble. The Black Panthers of 2009 election fame are actively expanding their organization.

We will see anarchists popping back up again with a vengeance.

We all laugh at the global warming whackjobs but there are seriously crazy people in that movement.

Finally, part of the danger here is the media. They really are not reporting all of the events done from the left and so the general public is not aware of the risks.

Read this:

Left-Wing Extremist Plot to Bomb RNC Leads to Copious National Media Coverage, Hand-Wringing Over Dangers to Republic

It's a year later and I didn't even hear about this until the woman made the news on Drudge for threatening the informant. This was an active threat to fire bomb the RNC. Where the Hell was the media? If this had been a militia attempting to bomb the DNC, the media would have gone ape shit. We would still be seeing coverage a year later.

So, while I want the GOP to retake Congress in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012, I think it is likely that some will not take it very well.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama Administration On A Losing Gamble?

Bear with me, this is looong but I found it compelling.

The Obama Justice Department under Eric Holder is opening an investigation into Bush era interrogations of terrorists. Obama has said he is not in favor of these investigations, that Holder is free to make an independent judgement on the matter. This would likely have more credibility if: we had not already seen the Justice Department drop charges against 3 Black Panthers that were assisting Obama get elected and Obama had not lied about almost everything else to date.

The reasons for this probe are being debated on cable news, blogs, etc. I think we can dispense with a couple of reasons right away.

-We can dispense with the notion Holder is interested in seeing justice done considering he has shown little interest in the same in the past:

As deputy attorney general in 1999, Holder -- now attorney general nominee -- pressed subordinates to drop objections to clemency for 16 members of violent Puerto Rican nationalist organizations.

Reporting from Washington — Attorney general nominee Eric H. Holder Jr. repeatedly pushed some of his subordinates at the Clinton Justice Department to drop their opposition to a controversial 1999 grant of clemency to 16 members of two violent Puerto Rican nationalist organizations, according to interviews and documents.


Mr. Holder's role in Bill Clinton's pardon of fugitive financiers Marc Rich and Pincus Green, a pardon that even Jimmy Carter denounced as "disgraceful" and "attributable to large gifts." Mr. Rich's former wife, Denise Rich, had donated to the Clinton Presidential Library.


-We can also dispense with the notion that Obama is not interested in seeing this probe take place, read this:

Audio flashback : CIA probe was always part of the Obama agenda

So, what is behind this? The obvious answer IMHO is that he is in trouble once again and is bringing out the "Bush" card to play to attempt to distract the public. Health care reform is killing his popularity, they are releasing new numbers on unemployment and debt projections (neither of which are good), and what remains of Bush's war on terror has become more of a surrender in the last few weeks with increased troop deaths in Afghanistan and increased bombings in Iraq.

But the question remains, is it a losing gamble?

In the past the media has played along with the Democrat's ongoing game of "blame the Republicans". That may not help this time for a couple of reasons. One, the media is not fully dominated by liberals anymore, and two the love affair may be ending between Obama and the press.

Adding to the fact that he may not get the help from the media he could count on, I think there may be too many things working against Obama's attempt at distraction for it to work.


-Americans are outraged at the release of the Lockerbie/Flight 103 terrorist, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi

-We are less than 3 weeks away from the anniversary of 9/11. This is, for obvious reasons, a time of heightened awareness of terrorism by Americans.

-The CIA released a report Monday showing that the interrogation techniques may have worked. Story

-Obama's poll numbers are down. Doing this earlier, he may have been shielded from backlash by his inflated popularity numbers. Now he is losing favor with a public that may not be as forgiving as they may have been months ago.

-A public who doesn't care much about the probes

Outside of the far left of the Democratic party there is not a lot of interest in seeing the investigations of Bush take place. Some reasons are:

-Time to move on. A lot of the public has and they want Obama to do the same

-The economy. There is clear evidence in polling that people care about one thing, the economy. They are concerned about keeping or finding a job, paying their mortgage, etc. Investigating Bush's war on terror tactics comes in way down the list.

-An intelligence community that is tired of being drug through the mud

The Democrats have been using the intelligence community as a weapon against Bush for the last several months and they are starting to show signs of growing weary of it. Nancy Pelosi came out of her dust up with the CIA bloody and bruised. There are also rumors of normally loyal Dem Leon Panetta quitting as Director of the CIA over the way they are being treated.

White House Denies Claim That Panetta Threatened to Quit on Monday cited reports that CIA Director Leon Panetta, frustrated by several administration actions and discussions with regard to the CIA, got in a "profanity-laced screaming match" with a senior staff member last month and has also threatened to leave.

-Dick Chaney unchained

Dick Chaney really has nothing to be quiet about anymore. He is out of the White House and out of any obligation to play the gentleman like George Bush has been doing. This has made him more than willing to speak openly.

Cheney Statement on CIA Documents/Investigation

Former Vice President Dick Cheney gave The Weekly Standard a statement Monday night about the CIA documents and the coming Justice Department investigation.

"The documents released Monday clearly demonstrate that the individuals subjected to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques provided the bulk of intelligence we gained about al Qaeda. This intelligence saved lives and prevented terrorist attacks. These detainees also, according to the documents, played a role in nearly every capture of al Qaeda members and associates since 2002. The activities of the CIA in carrying out the policies of the Bush Administration were directly responsible for defeating all efforts by al Qaeda to launch further mass casualty attacks against the United States. The people involved deserve our gratitude. They do not deserve to be the targets of political investigations or prosecutions. President Obama’s decision to allow the Justice Department to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA personnel, and his decision to remove authority for interrogation from the CIA to the White House, serves as a reminder, if any were needed, of why so many Americans have doubts about this Administration’s ability to be responsible for our nation’s security."

If we remember, the last time Chaney went head to head with Obama, Chaney's favorability rating went up and Obama's went down. In fact, whether there is a direct corrolation or not, Obama's numbers have slowly gone down since.

To make matters worse, other Republicans are following Chaney's lead. Read this:

King on Holder: 'You wonder which side they’re on'

A "furious" Rep. Peter King, the hawkish, maverick Long Island Republican, blasted a "disgraceful" Eric Holder for opening an investigation of CIA interrogators and chided his own party for what he described as a weak response to the move in an interview just now with POLITICO.

"It’s bulls***. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on," he said of the attorney general's move, which he described as a "declaration of war against the CIA, and against common sense."

So, what are your thoughts? Is this latest game of "blame Bush" a long shot or slam dunk?

Monday, August 24, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

I am actually writing this Sunday morning. The question occured to me while watching Fox News. Alisyn Camerota is moderating a debate between Bill Press a syndicated talk show host, Rick Santorum (R, PA) former Senator, and Fr Jonathan Morris a Catholic priest on Barack Obama's call for religious leaders to support health reform from the pulpit.

The debate itself was not a very good one partly because Camerota is a light weight in my opinion and could not really keep the men focused. It did get me thinking though about the fact that the Democrat's have historically been strong supporters of separation of church and state (what the debate on Fox was actually supposed to be about).

So what do you think about: Separation of church and state? When if ever, is it justified to use religion like this? Is there hypocrisy here on the part of Obama for doing this on an issue he supports? Do you think this invites clergy who do not support reform to use their pulpit to attack the bill? Is it okay to attack the reform if it is not okay to support it? Will the Democrats raise a fuss about attacks while accepting support?

What do you think about this.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"I don't know that he's given much consideration to whose hand he will shake or whose hand he will not shake. I'm confident, knowing the President, that presented with the opportunity to greet any of the leaders, that he'll do that,"

Senior White House official Denis McDonough shrugged off Obama's handshake with Gaddafi, remarking that relations between the two countries had been restored.


It's just a handshake, right? What's the big deal?

Gaddafi embraces Lockerbie bomber and thanks his 'courageous friend' Gordon Brown for releasing him

Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Honor Killing Averted?

An Ohio Muslim teenager converted to Christianity a few years ago. Out of fear for her life from her father, the young lady ran away from home to Florida.

There is now an ongoing court on whether the 17 year old young lady should be allowed to stay in Florida where she is safe, for now, or be forced to return to her parents in Ohio.

A judge in Florida has ruled, at least temporarily, that she can stay in Florida.

Runaway Christian Convert to Stay in Florida for Now, Judge Rules

A 17-year-old runaway who claims she fled her Muslim family's home in Ohio because she feared becoming the victim of an "honor killing" will stay in Florida — temporarily — a judge ruled Friday.

Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert whose parents are Muslim immigrants from Sri Lanka, will remain in foster care in Florida until another hearing is held Sept. 3.

Rifqa fled to Florida after her parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, learned that she was baptized earlier this year without their knowledge. The parents reported her missing to Columbus, Ohio, Police on July 19. Weeks later, using cell phone and computer records, police tracked the girl to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of the Orlando-based Global Revolution Church.

Florida's Gov. Charlie Crist weighed in on the mater Friday with the following statement: "I am grateful to Circuit Judge Daniel Dawson for his decision to grant Fathima Rifqa Bary the right to remain in Florida. ... We will continue to fight to protect Rifqa's safety and wellbeing as we move forward."

In an emotional six-minute interview with WFTV in Florida, Rifqa, who met Lorenz through an online Facebook group, said she expects to be killed if she is forced to return to Ohio.

"If I had stayed in Ohio, I wouldn't be alive," she said. "In 150 generations in family, no one has known Jesus. I am the first — imagine the honor in killing me."

"There is great honor in that, because if they love Allah more than me, they have to do it. It's in the Koran," said in the interview, which has been posted on
You Tube.

The story got even more interesting further down.

Craig McCarthy, an attorney for Aysha Bary, agreed that the case should be moved back to Ohio and added that the girl's mother is afraid for her safety.

"[Aysha Bary] has shifted to downright frightened, scared of what might confront her publicly on Friday," McCarthy told "She is scared for her family, of losing her daughter, of never knowing the truth of what happened and for her own safety."

Continue reading

So, the mother is afraid for the girl's life? Is there any more proof that the judge needs to make this decision final?

We need to get away from tip toeing around Islam and call it what it is, an inherently violent and dangerous religion. Instead it enjoys the status as the only religion in the US that actually enjoys protection from discrimination.

Christian? Your fair game for harassment and rulings to limit your right to practice freely. Jewish? Forget it. Muslim? We must show tolerance.

We have heard stories of setting aside special areas for Muslims to practice on the very same colleges in which openly Christian groups are harassed.

Put a crucifix in urine, it's art. Look at a Koran crossly and you are a racist, intolerant bastard.

Liberals decry any mention of Judeo-Christian influence in the US at the same time Obama calls the US "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world".

This article commits the same transgression. Kill a person of any other religion (or lack thereof) and it is murder, your a Muslim and you kill your daughter because she does not agree with your beliefs and it's an honor killing.

Murder is murder and this girl needs to stay away from her possibly dangerous father in Florida.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Makes Me Want To Vomit

Lockerbie Bomber Freed From Prison on Compassionate Grounds

The man responsible for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing returned home to Libya on Thursday to cheering crowds, and throngs of people waving posters of the convicted killer, who flew to his native country to die after Scotland released him from prison.

Continue reading

I can't help think that all of these people can go to Hell. Sorry but this pissed me off.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Future Of US Medicine?

Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Metro Vancouver due to government underfunding, leaked paper

VANCOUVER — Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures can expect to wait longer for care, NDP health critic Adrian Dix said Monday.

Dix said a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority document shows it is considering chopping more than 6,000 surgeries in an effort to make up for a dramatic budgetary shortfall that could reach $200 million.

“This hasn’t been announced by the health authority … but these cuts are coming,” Dix said, citing figures gleaned from a leaked executive summary of “proposed VCH surgical reductions.”

The health authority confirmed the document is genuine, but said it represents ideas only.

“It is a planning document. It has not been approved or implemented,” said spokeswoman Anna Marie D’Angelo.

Dr. Brian Brodie, president of the BC Medical Association, called the proposed surgical cuts “a nightmare.”

“Why would you begin your cost-cutting measures on medically necessary surgery? I just can’t think of a worse place,” Brodie said.

According to the leaked document, Vancouver Coastal — which oversees the budget for Vancouver General and St. Paul’s hospitals, among other health-care facilities — is looking to close nearly a quarter of its operating rooms starting in September and to cut 6,250 surgeries, including 24 per cent of cases scheduled from September to March and 10 per cent of all medically necessary elective procedures this fiscal year.

The plan proposes cutbacks to neurosurgery, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, and 11 other specialized areas.

Continue reading

Is this the future of US medicine under Obamacare? What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 17, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

This week's question is where you think a Congressional members loyalties lie.

I came across this article on Drudge:

Rep. Massa: I will vote against the interests of my district

Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) addressed an intimate group of Netroots activists during their annual Netroots Nation gathering in Pittsburgh this weekend. Mr. Massa reiterated his support for a single-payer health care bill. He discussed the risks he takes for wanting to support such a measure in his "right-wing Republican district."

According to Swing State Project, Mr. Massa won his 2008 race by 2 percentage points. The district's voting pattern index (PVI) is a Republican +5 seat. The National Republican Congressional Committee has the upstate New York congressman in their sights for 2010 along with 69 other House Democrats as reported by Politico. The transcript is below, and check out the corresponding video above.


Putting aside the fact that this man is a moron and forgetting your take on the current health care reform, what are you thoughts on where a Congressional members loyalties lie?

Should they vote exclusively for the interest of their district if they are a House member or state if they are a Senator? Or do they have a higher calling to stand for the public good, even if it is possibly detrimental for their district? What role does party affiliation play? Do we employ them to represent us or work for the betterment of all Americans?

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"Let the facts be heard," they wrote. "These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views -- but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades."

Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, 8/10/09


What's interesting about this, other than the blatant attempt to stifle free speech, is that the Speaker of the House has had a change of mind in the last few years.

"So I thank all of you who have spoken out for your courage, your point of view. All of it. Your advocacy is very American and very important."

Nancy Pelosi, 1/17/06

Source (with video)

Now, the first quote is about critics of Obama's attempt to "reform" health care, the second quote is about protesters against George Bush and the Iraq war.

I realize the cynical among you are thinking this is hypocrisy but there has to be a more rational explanation. Right? What are your thoughts?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet John Holdren

John Holdren is the "Science Czar" for the Barack Obama administration.

While he is not exactly a household name, it is worth knowing who he is. He has had some very interesting views in the past about, among other things, population control.

Of course the Obama administration says this was all in the past and we should not hold him to his past views. This kind of like saying that a domestic terrorist committed his deeds in the past and should be excused now because he is a changed man.

Anyways, Fox did a nice little summary of his views here. Wander over and take a look.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Flag Yourself

Hat tip to Left Coast Rebel for the video.

As we all know, the Obama Administration has launched a website asking all good comrades to report any suspicious activity by their fellow citizens in regards to health care reform protesting. Obviously, this is insane and a blatant attempt to stifle the 1st Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.

What the video is suggesting is that we report ourselves.

This is a really good idea and will likely cause two factors to combine to shut the site down.

It could overwhelm the site.

It would show the public how utterly ridiculous this website is.

So, watch the video and then Go Flag Yourself.

Pass this on, get the word out.

BTW, the link for the White House is

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"You Have To Talk Up, There's People Speaking In The Background Here"

Sheila Jackson-Lee (Idiot-TX), showed incredible arrogance at her recent town hall meeting for health care

The fix is in folks, these people don't give a damn what you think about the health care overhaul.

The only real hope is to get enough moderate Dems to cross over. If not, your getting your health care from the collective.


It appears we have a new Cynthia McKinney in the works. Today on Rick Sanchez on CNN.

Jackson-Lee plowed ahead about how she didn’t have the bill memorized, but Sanchez wasn’t having it: “Congresswoman, you’re absolutely ignoring my question. I don’t think that’s very nice.” The Democrat denied that she was, and so the anchor rephrased his question in a very parental fashion: “I say to my children it’s impolite to text- it’s wrong to be on the phone when you’re talking to people, and it’s rude to do that especially when you’re dealing with adults. Here you have people who have come to hear you speak. They are asking you a question, and it appears on the video like you’re not giving them their due. How do you explain that?”

The Representative replied, “I'm so glad you said that. It appears on the video. Maybe it’s a doctored video.” After going into another protracted explanation, Jackson-Lee hinted that the video was just a distraction from the health care issue: “My question to those who have YouTube- and I love YouTube- who’ve made an issue- are they concerned about health care reform? Are they concerned about a robust public option? Are they concerned about eliminating pre-existing diseases? All of that I talked about.”

Continue reading.

The stupidity of Democratic Congressmen, the gift that never stops giving.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Read This

This is a great read from Bill Sammon from Fox News

Analysis: Press Largely Ignored Incendiary Rhetoric at Bush Protest

We all knew this was true but Sammon did a great job in summing it up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does AARP Endorse Obamacare?

President Obama today suggested that the health care reform legislation for which he’s pushing has been endorsed by the American Association of Retired Person.

“We have the AARP on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors,” the president said.

At another point he said: “Well, first of all, another myth that we've been hearing about is this notion that somehow we're going to be cutting your Medicare benefits. We are not. AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare, okay?”

The problem?

The AARP hasn't endorsed any plan yet.

The country's largest advocacy group for Americans over 50 issued a statement after the event saying, "While the President was correct that AARP will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate."

Continue reading

The obvious first thought is, there goes Obama again. He is not new to "overstating" things.

I think though that this may take a closer look because actually AARP has been sending mixed signals on where they stand.

So what are your thoughts? Where is the truth here? Obama? AARP? In between?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is A Little Frightening

This is a good article on the Democratic smear machine attacking critics of Obama as mob rule. The talking points on the left are that people protesting Obamacare do not represent common Americans, they are just far right plants out to destroy Obama.

The article is a good read and is an incredible example of the depths of the lack of ideas from the left.

The real interesting part though is at the bottom:

Indeed, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, suggested it's the White House that is attempting to intimidate opponents.

On Tuesday, the White House issued a blog post by Macon Phillips, director of new media, asking supporters to send "fishy" information received through rumors, chain e-mails and casual conversation to a White House e-mail address,

Cornyn responded by accusing the White House of compiling an "enemies list." In a letter to the president, Cornyn urged Obama to provide Congress with more details on what the White House plans to do with anyone reported for "fishy" speech.

"I am not aware of any precedent for a president asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed 'fishy' or otherwise inimical to the White House's political interests," Cornyn wrote.

"You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program. As Congress debates health care reform and other critical policy matters, citizen engagement must not be chilled by fear of government monitoring the exercise of free speech rights," he wrote.

This is chilling and, I suspect, just the beginning. I think Obama is one who has no intention of failing. During the campaign he showed he was willing to throw anyone under the bus that was not a help to him. We, as ordinary citizens certainly cannot hope for better treatment.

Just be careful what you say here, you could wind up on a WH file.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Other Shoe Is Dropping

Since Obama took office in January there has been great suspense as to when the other shoe would drop. In other words, he talks a good game but this whole "no taxes on the middle class" bit wasn't going to last forever. While I have found it exhilarating trying to guess when it would happen, the not knowing is a little frightening.

I think we may not have to wait much longer. The signs are there if one looks very closely...

-Obama has been attacking Bush for the economic mess he left.

There are some who see this as nothing more than petty, small minded politics from a man who is in over his head. These people are absolutely correct. Of course, I say this because I am one of those who have said it.

I think there is more to his "the economy is worse than we thought" routine though. I have thought all along that this would be the first step in raising taxes, "the economy is worse than we thought".

He has been reminding all that would listen (which if you look at the ratings for his press conferences, there are fewer and fewer all of the time) that he had no idea that Bush left the economy in this bad of shape. Interestingly, Obama does not mention who controlled Congress for the last two years, the same last two years in which the economy started going south, or who was in that Congress.

-He is starting to waffle on whether they will raise taxes

We are now seeing articles in which reporters are saying that administration officials refuse to rule out raising taxes. Wouldn't you think that if they were not going to raise taxes they would adamantly state that. At the very least it would keep kooks like me from speculating about it.

-We are starting to see phrases like this:

Geithner was asked in the interview whether he would rule out new taxes. He said the country needs to understand the administration will do "what's necessary."


Or this:

"There is a lot that can happen over time. ... But what the president has been completely clear on is that he is not going to pursue any of his priorities -- not health care, not energy, nothing -- in ways that are primarily burdening middle-class families. That is something that is not going to happen," Summers said.
National Economic Council President Larry Summers


So, in other words, they don't want to primarily burden the middle class. I think this was his campaign slogan "I will not primarily burden middle class tax payers".

-They are starting to show concern for soaring deficits.

This one is ironic considering they are largely responsible for these deficits. This site is not about blame though, merely to dispense information.

Reality is setting in for Obama though. He had big plans to socialize America. The public is getting restless though about the burden we are putting on our grandchildren and people are starting to turn on his plans.

-They have a lot to pay for

This is the kicker. As I said above, he has big plans, health care, saving the Earth, re-election. These all cost money. He is starting to realize, as we all have long ago, that there are not enough multi-millionaires to tax to pay for all of this.

So what is a President to do?

Drop the other shoe.

Update: I wrote this blog early because of my work schedule. Since it's writing, these two articles have come out.

White House Says No New Taxes for Middle Class

"The president's clear commitment is not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year," Gibbs said, repeating Obama's pledge from the presidential campaign.

Which seems to dispute what I have been saying above, but...

But some Republicans say Obama already has broken his pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class.

Republicans on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee on Monday released a list of six programs and proposals they claim would raise taxes on the middle class -- including the tobacco tax hike and proposals to include coverage mandates in health care reform legislation.

So I will let you, the intelligent reader, decide for yourself.

Then we have this:

AP ENTERPRISE: Biggest tax revenue drop since 1932

WASHINGTON – The recession is starving the government of tax revenue, just as the president and Congress are piling a major expansion of health care and other programs on the nation's plate and struggling to find money to pay the tab.

The numbers could hardly be more stark: Tax receipts are on pace to drop 18 percent this year, the biggest single-year decline since the Great Depression, while the federal deficit balloons to a record $1.8 trillion.

Other figures in an Associated Press analysis underscore the recession's impact: Individual income tax receipts are down 22 percent from a year ago. Corporate income taxes are down 57 percent. Social Security tax receipts could drop for only the second time since 1940, and Medicare taxes are on pace to drop for only the third time ever.

The last time the government's revenues were this bleak, the year was 1932 in the midst of the Depression.

"Our tax system is already inadequate to support the promises our government has made," said Eugene Steuerle, a former Treasury Department official in the Reagan administration who is now vice president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

So, what does all of this mean? I don't know. The only advice I have is watch for falling shoes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

This article is about a week old but it is a good topic to discuss.

Tough love for fat people: Tax their food to pay for healthcare

Key among the "interventions" the report weighs is that of imposing an excise or sales tax on fattening foods. That, says the report, could be expected to lower consumption of those foods. But it would also generate revenues that could be used to extend health insurance coverage to the uninsured and under-insured, and perhaps to fund campaigns intended to make healthy foods more widely available to, say, low-income Americans and to encourage exercise and healthy eating habits.

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So, what are your thoughts?

Is this okay?

What exactly is a fattening food?

Should we have the federal government dictating our eating habits?

Studies have indicated that the poor may have a higher risk of this behavior. Isn't this really a regressive tax on the poor and middle class?

Do you think Teddy Kennedy will vote for or against it?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quote Of The Week

This was just too much to pass up on.

“A truly free and independent press is the red beating heart of democracy and freedom,”

Dan Rather

Yes, this is the same Dan Rather that used forged Air National Guard memos in an attempt to damage George Bush in the 2004 Presidential election and then refused to admit it when it became obvious they were forgeries.

I really have nothing left to say. This was a bloggers dream, the blog wrote itself.