Friday, January 15, 2010

Do I Smell Fear?

Sarah Palin is joining Fox News as a contributor. The fringe media has made note of this and are kicking their smear machine back into high gear (it's always running, they just have periods of peak activity).

So the question is, is this fear?

Follow Drudge on a daily basis and you will note that he releases the cable news race numbers on a regular basis. If you have seen this or something similar you will know this is a very creative use of the word "race".

There really isn't a cable news race right now. There is Fox having their way and the fringe media is on life support. Virtually every week, all Fox shows outrank all other cable news shows. Some Fox shows such as O'Reilly, Hannity, and Beck get close to having as many viewers as all of the shows on an entire network combined.

I think the rest of the networks know that Palin is going to kill them. My prediction is that she will wind up with her own show and compete with the big 3 personalities on Fox for the most watched show.

She has personality, charm, good looks and a knack for talking to everyday people. This is a package no one in cable news has right now.

I said earlier in the week that the fringe media are in the toilet right now and Sarah Palin is getting ready to flush them down the drain.


Gramma 2 Many said...

I say GO SARAH! We have not had someone like her in our corner since Reagan. She has them running and watching their backsides as they run!
Gotta love it.
Sarah 2012!!

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I love Sarah Palin, but I'm not sure her style is suited to having her own show. There is no question but what her presence will only make Fox MORE popular than they already are.

(Of course, I wouldn't have thought that Mike Huckabee would be successful, either, and he's doing quite well.)

Chuck said...

Gramma, agreed although I would be surprised if she ran in 2012

TC, I think she could carry a show. Maybe an afternoon slot.

DaBlade said...

She'll be great as long as she doesn't follow Huckabee's guitar playing schtick by breaking out her ukelele. Yikes.

Chuck said...

Dablade, agreed

Always On Watch said...

I hope that Sarah Palin's venture into the media is completely succcesful. The libtards will have a meltdown.

Chuck said...

AOW, if anything else it will drive them mad