Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Direction Or Saying The Right Thing?

GOP Chief: Republicans 'Screwed Up' After Reagan

WASHINGTON -- Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele offers a simple explanation for why the GOP may have lost touch with some Americans since the Ronald Reagan era: "We screwed up," he claims in a new book offering a blueprint for the party's resurgence.

That "we" includes the last two Republican presidents and the most recent Republican candidate for president.

In "Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda," released Monday by Regnery Publishing, Steele says the GOP should acknowledge where "we most glaringly compromised our principles" in the past decade and hold its elected officials accountable.

"We must support Republican officials who assert these principles," he writes. "When elected Republicans vote against Republican principles, the voters must withhold their support -- withhold it vigorously and consistently."


Only time will tell if Michael Steele is leading us in the right direction or if he is only telling us what we want to hear.

What are your thoughts?


Always On Watch said...

That "we" includes the last two Republican presidents and the most recent Republican candidate for president.

I agree.

I like Steele, but I am wary that he's a RINO.

shoprat said...

My opinion is that Steele is sniffin the wind and knows which way it's blowing.

Chuck said...

AOW, same with me. I liike him too but not quite ready to jump on the bandwagon

Shoprat, that is what I am wondering

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, Michael Steele was selected because he was the most moderate of the three nominees to head the RNC. I think he is telling us what he thinks we want to hear and will support Obama the first chance he gets.
Let's ask if he was responsible for supporting Dede Scuzzyflafa in New Youk over the conservative candidate. I think so, to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars.

MK said...

"we most glaringly compromised our principles"

He got that right, now if they could just get on that road back, that'd be real swell.

Oh and i hope you weren't too put off by my post about India, i have put up another one, please do read it, there is a lot to like about India.