Friday, January 22, 2010

This Is The American Fringe Media

Saw this article and video on CNN. I have always considered CNN to be a little more centrist than MSNBC. Of course this is not saying much considering that MSNBC is so far left they can't even see the middle. With that said, this article is repulsive.

It is an interview with a Muslim wife whose husband has murdered CIA agents in a terrorist bombing. She obviously is a nutjob and an extremist Muslim, a far more typical re-presentation of Islam than a lot of people would want to admit but never less not out of the ordinary in that part of the world.

The interviewer though is from the west (maybe the UK?). Read the article and see how touching the interview is. The article reads as if it is about the widow of a fireman that gave his life to save children and puppies from a burning car.

This is why the leftist media is so insidious. A reader will look at this and while they may not be real sympathetic towards the woman, they are not being given a true picture of the hatred and horror evident in this act and the belief of the wife that it was justified. The article instead was clearly intended to invoke sympathy for the "freedom fighters" in Islam as the far left media has called them.

Fair warning though, the video is very nauseating. Watch at your own risk.


Brooke said...

"Osama bin Laden, Che Guevara of the Middle East"?!?

And that's just the tip of the outrageous shit that woman said!

Put a bullet right between that dog's eyes. She's not wort the next few molecules of 02 she sucks in.

cube said...

I'm going to take your warning and not watch this. It will only make me very cranky and I'm cranky enough as it is.

I can't handle the Che idolatry from the maroons in this country and I'm certainly not going to listen to it from one in the Middle East.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

This reminds me of one of the dumbest, most ignorant Leftist comments ever made about Muslim terrorists:

"Don't fear the terrorists. They're mothers and fathers." -- Rosie O'Donnell

Chuck said...

Brooke, the reporter isn't worth a damn either

Cube, I don't get the obsession with that dude

PCC, only Rosie could make the dumbest comment ever

MK said...

That is the real islam that far too many in the west don't and won't see. These people see nothing wrong in cold blooded murder and the reason for this is that they find solace and justification in their religion.

Everything they do, they can justify via the koran and the teachings of mohammed.

One thing the hateful bitch said -

"For what purpose is CIA in the Afghan territories? Why did they invade our lands? I believe she shouldn't have gone there. It's her fault."

By her logic, if we catch muslims in the west, we can slit their throats and toss them in the dumpster, after all they invaded our lands, they shouldn't have come here, it's their fault.

MK said...

Oh and a nice comment from one of the readers - "She says she is glad her husband is a she also glad that he is banging 21 virgins? Lol."

That's a valid question isn't it.

Chuck said...

MK, your logic is sound. I have always said that if we would really declare war on Islam this shit would be over in no time.

Z said...

"MK, your logic is sound. I have always said that if we would really declare war on Islam this shit would be over in no time."

BINGO, Chuck. They have the guts to keep wanting to kill us but we'll never get the guts to do much about it..lest we look like mean ol' people who DON'T love Che Guevara! (if that wasn't playing to the Left, I don't know what WOULD)

Chuck said...

Z, this is one of my main criticisms of Bush. I liked him but I think we should have gone after the terrorists harder than what he did. We should have let them know they were in a war. I think the countries in the Middle East would have put pressure on the extremists to back down. I have always believed the critics on the left got to him and he backed off.