Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watch This To See How It Develops

Women's Groups Blast 'Divisive' Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad -- Without Even Seeing It

Tebow, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for the University of Florida, and his mother Pam will appear in a pro-life commercial that tells the story of his risky birth 22 years ago -- an ad that critics suggest could lead to anti-abortion violence, even though none of them have seen it.

The 30-second spot, paid for by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, is expected to recount the story of Pam Tebow's turbulent pregnancy in 1987:

When Tebow suffered from a dangerous infection during a mission trip to the Philippines, doctors recommended that she terminate her pregnancy, fearing she might die in childbirth. But she carried Tim to term, and he went on to win the 2007 Heisman Trophy and guide the Florida Gators to two BCS championships.

It's a happy story with an inspirational ending, but pro-choice critics say Focus on the Family should not be allowed to air the commercial because it advocates on behalf of a divisive issue and threatens to "throw women under the bus."

"This organization is extremely intolerant and divisive and pushing an un-American agenda," said Jehmu Greene, director of the Women's Media Center, which is coordinating a campaign to force CBS to pull the ad before it airs on Feb. 7


Does CBS have the stones to stick by it's decision to run the commercial or will it cave to it's far left audience? Stay tuned.


Katie said...

Oh, they'll cave. And fast.

cube said...

Maybe the ad revenue will be too good to pass up. Time will tell if they'll cave.

cube said...

It's good that women's groups are fighting against women getting thrown under the bus just as they did after Arlen Specter's sexist attack against Michelle Bachmann... oh wait, where were they?

This isn't about women. This is an anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-republican, leftist pro-choice agenda.

Brooke said...

Don't mess with the abortions.

That gets the 'women's groups' riled, and NOT the left calling women bitches and telling them to act like ladies, as Cube said.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

This is entirely predictable. While the left has a coniption every time a social conservative condemns a movie, book or article they haven't read or seen (because they know what is in it without seeing it), they have free reign to pass judgement on something from Focus on the Family without ever seeing its content. To the left, Focus on the Family is more dangerous than al Qaeda, the Taliban, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, and Sheik Kalid Mohammed all rolled into one.

Gramma 2 Many said...

My money is on them pulling it.

DaBlade said...

Chuck, Even us Woverines have to admire this guy Tebow for standing up to do this when he has gobs of endorsement money at risk, as well as becoming an object of hate by the lunatic left.

MK said...

The left will never let anyone speak their mind on abortion if they could help it. Deep down inside, they know most decent people would be repulsed by their depravity.

I hope the ad plays and i hope a few babies are saved, which i know the leftist scum hate with every fiber of their being.

Randy said...

I don't understand why they are objecting. Seems Mrs. Tebow made a choice. Are these people anti-choice???

Chuck said...

Katie, I saw another article today in which CBS claims it's going to stand it's ground. I would think they would cave but they may surprise us

Cube, I think that's exactly it. Ade revenue is down right now

Also agree with the women's groups, you could add Palin, stewardesses, etc, etc

Brooke, and not letting women kill their babies is "un-Amercian"

TC, this group is probably on the terrorist watch list under Obama.

Gramma, I would bet on that but like I said, they claim they won't

DaBlade, I've always liked him. Will be interesting to see how the NFL treats him. The NFL raises hell if these guys pray after a game but give a player a contract extension if he throws his girlfreind down the stairs

MK, the real fear here is that Americans are trending pro-life and a feel good story like this could push them further. It's not about truth, it's about money.

Randy, nailed it

Z said...

I saw CBS said they won't cave, too...
Randy did nail it.
Also, I saw a piece on that in which another commenter said "Wait a minute..if it were pro choice, would this even be discussed before air time?"

I wonder

Chuck said...

Z, agreed