Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Have Got To See This

We finally have the GOP fighting back against the fringe media. I have said all along that a large part of the public perception of Republicans is because they let themselves be defined.

Check out this exchange on MSNBC:

GOP Senator Rips Into MSNBC Host For 'Absurd,' 'Dishonest,' Statements


Karen Howes said...

I'm glad Gregg nailed those broads-- I loved how Brewer tried to cut the interview and he kept going.

MK said...

Good, about bloody time.

I hope republicans and conservatives across America know this, the media might started sticking it to obama in the months ahead as his stuff ups mount, but make no mistake, when it rolls around to the time for elections, they'll be back at it, spit-polishing his shoes to a fine shine again.

Stick it to the scumbag left at every opportunity, give them no quarter, no respite, for they will give you none.

shoprat said...

He was too kind.

cube said...

I watched the video and there was some eyerolling, as though Gregg said something outrageous. He did not, but the lefties will choose to believe their version of the story.

More of this needs to happen. The left needs to know that their monopoloy of INFORMATION is withering away.

Chuck said...

Karen, we need to see more of this

MK, the best we can do is sit aside and let his own Democrats attack him - it's starting to happen

Shoprat, agreed

Cube, notice the show is being cancelled? Chris Matthews didn't even draw enough to make the list on Drudge's weekly cable news race listing. Fox drew 5 - 6 times as many people as CNN and MSNBC last Tuesday. The MSM is dying.

Z said...

what part of "no money for YOU" doesn't mean "No funding for schools?" GeeeeZ
HE WAS too kind, as Shoprat said, and OH, it felt so good to watch that..FINALLY, someone standing up to these people.

Chuck said...

Z, if we have more like him do this, the MSM will be embarassed into not asking these swtupid questions.