Saturday, February 27, 2010

Again, Why Is This Relevant?

I wrote about this in another case recently.

Teacher Killed at Tacoma, Wash., Elementary School

TACOMA, Wash. — A man apparently infatuated with a special education teacher he knew from college shot and killed her as she walked into her elementary school Friday, shortly before students began arriving.

The suspect was killed in a shootout with a deputy a short time later about 10 miles away, said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer.

The man had been released on bail Monday after being arrested a week ago for violating a protective order the teacher, Jennifer Paulson, obtained in September 2008, said Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum

Look at this one sentence buried in the middle of the article

He also sent roses and a bear to her at the school. Paulson's principal called Waits' commander in the National Guard to inform him of the harassment, she wrote.

When is the last time you read a sentence like this?

Paulson's principal called Waits' shift manager at McDonald's to inform him of the harassment, she wrote.


Paulson's principal called Waits' boss at the gas station to inform him of the harassment, she wrote.

Or maybe,

Paulson's principal called Waits' manager at his Ford plant to inform him of the harassment, she wrote.

I can only assume the answer is never. Why, because it is irrelevant where the dirtbag worked. It's irrelevant, that is, unless you are the Associated Press and you're attempting to portray the men who wear the uniform of the US military as a bunch of psychopathic killers forever driven crazy by George Bush's war in Iraq.

It is a horrible tragedy that this young lady lost her life to this son of a bitch. I feel sad for the loss of a life (a special Ed teacher) and feel very bad for her family. They are living a Hell I hope I never know.

With this said, why does the AP feel a need to push their far-left America-hating agenda while reporting on the tragedy?


AntiGunProPCOpenMindedWhiteLiberalAntiRacist said...

It's Bush's fault!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your first commenter. George Bush is behind this.

Actually, though, if you use the kind of logic (written laughingly) as the lame stream media, then you have to conclude that male college graduates pose a danger to female teachers, and that people who live in Tacoma are far more dangerous than people living in, oh … Afghanistan. In all honesty, I don’t think we’ve sufficiently explored people who make bears, grow roses, and eat at McDonalds.

Chuck, you could be in line for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. Oh wait … no, you aren’t a liberal; sorry —better luck in the future.

Mustang out

The Rattler said...

I'm sure this story is not factual from the simple premise that schools were made gun free zones by those who know better. I am sure he would not of wanted to break the law. Therefore he must of killed her with a staple gun.

GM Roper said...

Chuck: "With this said, why does the AP feel a need to push their far-left America-hating agenda..."

Because they are the result of a high and hot enema masquerading as people? Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Chuck said...

AGPPCOMWLA, thanks for stopping by. I agree. Mostly because everything is Bush's fault so this must be.

Mustang, so what your saying is it is everybody's fault but the shooter? I'm okay with that.

Rattler, too bad the teacher wasn't packing huh?

GM, good point

MK said...

Like you said, it fits their anti-USA, anti-gun agenda.

Chuck said...

MK, I wonder how many times this has happened when the teacher was stabbed to death and we don't hear about it. Notice we only hear about the shootings?