Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Cry For Help?

I hadn't intended to write again about Harry Reid's remark about unemployed men being more abusive but this quote was too funny to pass up.

"Reid: Jobless men = domestic abuse,"..."Is he saying we should be worried about Mrs. Reid after the November elections?"

Fred Thomson on Twitter.

Maybe we need to get counseling for the Senator and help him through his impending unemployment?


GM Roper said...

As a qualified mental health professional and licensed psychotherapist [those aren't always the same thing ;)] I hereby offer Senator Reid free therapy before he becomes unemployed. That way, he'll have already toned down his future aggressiveness.

But, he WILL have to come in the back door, I don't want all the other patients seeing a scumbag like Reid, it may impair their therapy.

Chuck said...

There goes the neighborhood

MK said...

"Maybe we need to get counseling for the Senator and help him through his impending unemployment?"

Hell no, that piece of trash has sucked enough out of the taxpayer, not a red cent for that parasite if it can be helped, i don't care what ails him.

Chuck said...

MK, it's okay. We will have universal health care, it won't cost anything.

Anonymous said...

‘Useful idiot’ is a term commonly attributed to Vladimir Lenin, often in the form of “useful idiots of the west,” to describe those western men and women who endorsed the Soviet Union and Communist ideology in the West. We cannot know whether the term actually originates with Comrade Lenin, but we can definitely say that it applies to Hairy Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris … oh, you know: the Democratic Party and every socialist republican.

Reed would be well-advised to accept Roper's offer. He once provided therapy to Aristotle, who subsequently found work as Alexander's teacher. Well, that's what I read somewhere.

Mustang out

DaBlade said...

LMAO! If there is any domestic abuse in Senator Reid's household after he is ousted, I have little doubt he will be on the receiving end!

Brooke said...

I'll bet Reid is more of the passive-aggressive type.

He's probably a verbal abuser.

I say give him a little pillow therapy...

Chuck said...

Mustang, you and Roper and Aristotle hang out together?

DaBlade, funny. Or as the great philosopher Pink Floyd once said

But in the town it was well known,
When they got home at night,
Their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them,
Within inches of their lives.

Brooke, you may be dead on. Either that or the whiny type

cube said...

I hope Mrs. Reid makes his retirement a living hell.

Chuck said...

Cube, it would be karma after the hell he's caused us