Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Useful Spending From The Dems

Millions in Stimulus Spending Being Doled Out for Questionable Jobs

Federal agencies are spending stimulus money at the rate of $196 million an hour. And they will do so every hour for the next eight months until a September 30, 2010, deadline.

Look at some of the stuff you are buying:

-- $233,000 to the University of California at San Diego to study why Africans vote. Jobs created: 12, but seven of those are Africans in Africa.

-- In Nevada, $2 million in stimulus money built a new fire station, but because of budget cuts, the county can't afford to hire firefighters to work there.

-- Penn State University got $1.5 million to study plant fossils in Argentina. Of 5 jobs created, 2 belong to Argentines.

-- Researchers the State University of New York at Buffalo got $389,000 to pay 100 Buffalonians $45 each to record how much malt liquor they drink -- and how much pot smoke each day. Consumption is then reported via an automated phone hotline. Cost per job: almost $200,000.

-- The Obama administration is spending $5 billion to weatherize homes. But one Texas county spent $4 million to weatherize just 47 homes. That's $78,000 per house. Each retrofit is supposed to save homeowners $500 a year in energy costs. That means taxpayers will recoup their investment in 156 years, long after the home is probably torn down.

-- Two Arizona universities got almost $1 million dollars so 3 grad students can study how ants work. That's more than $300,000 per job.

-- Companies that raise tropical fish, shellfish, catfish, alligators and even turtles qualify for $50 million in tax money to buy fish food.

-- North Carolina public schools received $4.4 million to hire math and literacy coaches, not for students, but teachers. That's 64 people paid $70,000 each to teach teachers how to teach reading and math.

Then of course from the bribery campaign contributions department:

-- $6 million in stimulus money to a California contractor under federal investigation for overcharging San Diego for cleanup after the 2007 wildfires

-- A Denver developer received $13 million in tax credits to help build a senior housing complex despite being sued as a slumlord for running decrepit, rodent-infested apartment buildings in San Francisco.

-- Kentucky gave $24 million to a contractor on trial on for bribery.

-- An aerospace company received $15 million to monitor water quality in a Ventura County creek it was already fined for polluting.


I don't know about anyone else but I can't wait for the "job creations" bill to come out.


MK said...

This is why job creation is best left to business and not corrupt worthless parasites in government.

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Chuck said...

MK, saw an article today that most economists think that businesses are going to be real slow to hire this year because of Obama letting the Bush tax cuts expire

Vijay, thanks for following, I am on my wya now

shoprat said...

This is completely unacceptable. Of course it's all Bush's fault.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

The strangest one is to give money to people in Buffalo so they can record how much alcohol they drink and how much pot they smoke.

Does anybody at the study realize that giving people "throw-away money" might increase their use of alcohol and/or illicit drugs?

Not only is it a waste of money from the standpoint of just funding a stupid study, but the study itself is worthless because the methodology sucks.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, what bad stuff isn't?

TC, funny. They smoked more pot because now they have money.

Karen Howes said...

Chuck, it's good to know that the money's not being wasted! :-P

Ticker said...

Chuck I think you have the same spam blogger on your site that I did on mine. Note the "Please reply dear" at the end. The rest is exact wording. As soon as this blogger, if one can call them that, appeared I started getting hit with spam, porn type spam. I eliminated the source and haven't had the problem since.

You've got a great blog. Glad another friend sent me the link.

As to jobs wonder if they'd pay some of us old farts to see how much time we spend blogging. LOL. It beats paying some fool to record how much pot they smoked. Who ever awarded that job money must have been stoned at the time. Could it have been "the One"? After all he admits to staying stoned in his youth. Sometimes I wonder if the idiot is still not stoned or at least brain damaged. Naw, ya got to have a brain to suffer brain damage.

Chuck said...

Karen, if you read the article there are at least a couple of dozen or so jobs created. Of course some aren't in the US but we can't be picky

Ticker, thanks for the tip. I went tom the blog, it is a bit strange. I think I'm putting mycaptcha back on, I've been getting a lot of spam. I think they're a pain in the ass but so is the spam

Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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Always On Watch said...


Now, why can't I get one of those cushy jobs?