Monday, February 1, 2010

Read This If You Have A Strong Stomach

States' Secretaries of State Are Tipping Balance of Power

And now there is a quiet, below-the-radar but major effort to target secretary of state offices in order to influence the outcome of upcoming elections.

Since 2006 the Democracy Alliance, a left leaning influence group funded by George Soros among others, has had remarkable success in targeting and claiming Secretary of State's offices in 11 of 13 critical states they targeted, including Ohio, Minnesota and Iowa.

Called the Secretary of State Project (SOSP) its aim is to target and capture the obscure, often overlooked office and implement election rules changes that give democrats a better chance of winning a plurality. Among those changes that SOSP calls "election protection," are a loosening of voter registration requirements and a lessening of efforts to prevent fraudulent voting, according to Matthew Vadum, a political analyst with the Capitol Research Center.

'The thing that is amazing is that they can get the office for as little $100,000 in campaign funding because no one pays attention to it, and they get to control election opportunities in a state. It is cheap," Vadum said.

He said SOSP is currently targeting three states in the 2010 election: California, Michigan and Minnesota. In total they count for 82 electoral votes.

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What is happening in this country? We now have a group of liberals that literally exists to undermine our electoral process.

How can this not be getting mentioned in Congress or the Justice Department? Is the Democratic Party so corrupt that they are actually working on stealing elections?

And no horseshit about this not being the Democratic Party. George Soros is the Democratic Party now. Let us not forget who helped fund our President's campaign.

These sons of a bitches should be in jail.

Remember this?

Seems a little more important now huh?

More importantly, where the Hell is the Republican Party on this?


MK said...

It's funny isn't it, if you look at most things coming from the left, think of all the accusations from them, right wing conspiracies, corporations being puppet masters, Bushco, big oil, election rigging, stealing etc, they're guilty of the very things they accuse everyone else of.

It's amazing how much they project their own dishonesty on others. Nothing the left does surprises me anymore, they are without shame.

Always On Watch said...


Well, the Dem Party does have a history of promoting fraud at the polls.

Interesting that the information in this post is way below the radar. Why aren't we hearing more about this?

Brooke said...

" Is the Democratic Party so corrupt that they are actually working on stealing elections?"

YES. It's quieter, not as much scandal noise as ACORN...
I hope the bloggers work on blowing the lid right off of this!

Chuck said...

MK, agreed. The left has lost any credibility

AOW, they did forget to mention one thing, there blocking the military vote. You can bet they are, they juts won't talk about it

Brooke, it was carried on Fox so it may get picked up

cube said...

The dems have been at it a long time.

Right here in Tampa, during the 2000 election, the now-Mayor Iorio (yes, BO's bowee) was, at the time, the head of elections and she made sure that the military votes were not counted because of one technicality after the other.

I called the Tampa Tribune and spoke to a reporter about it. The story went nowhere and she went on to become Mayor.

shoprat said...

They believe the end justifies the means and we are too stupid to be trusted with our own votes.

Chuck said...

Cube, maybe this is why Obama was bowing to her?

Shoprat, actually they think we are too stupid to catch them at this

LomaAlta said...

Where are the Republicans? Steele was the most moderate candidate for the RNC and he was elected. He is the see no evil monkey.

McCain is the de facto party leader and he is the speak no evil monkey (unless it is about other Republicans). He said virtually nothing against Obama during the election. Now, he is campaigning in Arizona as the single person fighting Obama. I even heard a rumor that McCain was thinking of running for president again.

And Sarah Palin is the hear no evil monkey, she is going to Arizona to campaign for McCain.

By the way, Palin's border comments are making me lose hope that any Republicans will ever try to save America.

cube said...

LomaAlta [HighHill ;-)] is right. Where are the republicans?

November will be here before we know it.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, I don't think ayof the aforementioned are the candidate for the Presidency in 2012. I think it will be someone a little fresher. I think the old gaurd is being swept out in the GOP

Cube, agreed.