Monday, February 8, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

President Obama Moves Forward on Health Care, Invites Republicans to the White House for Televised Meeting

So, what do you think? Is there anything to this or is it for the cameras?

If the Republican's do this will they be letting themselves be used as props?

What about the notion that Obama does not appear to be willing to "start over" and instead is wanting to tweak what is in place?

What should the response be from the Republicans? Should they lay some ground rules before they go in?

What are your thoughts?


Mustang said...

Cough ... GOP members could refuse to allow Ă˜bama to use them. They could refuse to attend his televised party.

Will they?


Gramma 2 Many said...

For the camera so he can say, "I tried to work with them but they just will not give an inch."
Then it will be the fault of the Republicans that they did not get HC passed.

GM Roperh said...

Obama honestly believes that "Bipartisanship" means "Be reasonable, do it MY way!

Mustang, any chance they might attend and hold his feet to the fire? Wait, silly question!

LomaAlta said...

Republicans should avoid this meeting like he plague. It is a set up and a way to blame Republicans. For once I wish Wilson were head of the GOP and could just tell him to go to hell.

MK said...

Sounds like a set up, looks like a set up, walks like a set up.

It's a tricky one, if they go, they can get suckered in, if they don't they look like they don't want to negotiate.

They could always turn it around and lay it all out before going though, and at the end tell the cameras that he still won't listen to the people.

Chuck said...

Mustang, agreed. Actually a couple of top ranking GOP House members sent a letter today hinting they may do just that. Will be interesting to follow.

Gramma, agreed. It will only work though if the Republicans let it

GM, right. Bipartisanship is shutting up and doing what you are told to do

LomaAlta, I agree. I think it's a trap

Chuck said...

MK, sorry, you were on when I was replying. They need to head it off before hand. Turn it around on him

Z said...

"head it off beforehand"? How, Chuck? the invite's's in the R's court now...
tell me what you're thinking...I'm eager to hear. xx

Chuck said...

Z, could have said it better. They need to get ahead of the conversation. Get the upper hand before Obama does.