Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are We Seeing A Change In How News Is Delivered?

For decades Democrats have had a secret weapon in their bid to keep control of the government, the media. Until about the last 5 - 7 years the left almost entirely dominated the media; network, cable, and print. The only real conservative inroad up until the last few years has been talk radio, which is why Obama attempted to shut it down with the "fairness doctrine" when he entered office.

The media was not only biased, they were actively carrying water for Democrats, up to and including Dan Rather going as far as using known forgeries of Bush records to try to give John Kerry the 2004 elections.

We have had Chris Matthews' leg getting tingly, Keith Olbermann's brain going numb, Ed Schultz encouraging us to vote more than once to defeat Scott Brown, and the mixed nuts at Air America, Stuart Smalley, Janine Garofalo, and Randi Rhodes babbling about... something.

When cable news programs have someone like Arlen Specter or Olympia Snowe on as their "Republican" members of their panel, they are beyond far left.

This has all been changed by the internet. We now have Fox News, the Drudge Report, the Wall Street Journal, blogs, and social networking sites like Twitter. These entities are doing an end run around the fringe media and getting the truth out.

In the past the fringe media outlets would ignore transgressions by Dems or at least play them down and quietly move on. Now though, word is getting out on Drudge and Fox and then spreading like wildfire across the country on Twitter. Drudge (or Red State, or Townhall, or etc) runs a story, someone picks it up and tweats it, a lot of someone else's retweat it, each of those get retweated by a bunch more people and it turns into a wave across the country.

Today we are seeing the left get a taste of it's own medicine.

What used to be routine among the fringe media is that an accusation against a conservative would be made (true or not), it would be picked up by the rest of the industry and repeated until it became true. Then the kiss of death. The person in which the accusation is made against is asked if it is true, they of course deny it which naturally makes them look guilty. It's a trap without a way out.

We have Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY), a sleazy individual in his own right, making accusations about the Democratic leadership. He supposedly has been forced to resign because he was misusing the male congressional staff, which seems to have become quite a favorite pastime. His story though is that he was forced out because he was going to vote against the health care bill. His resignation makes it's passage a little easier although certainly not assured.

His is quite a steamy tale. From the House leadership ignoring his transgression until he became a liability, to the leadership ignoring far worse by other members, to a bizarre story of Rahm Emanuel playing a game of nude tag in the locker room.

Some of it may very well be true, my suspicion is that it is. Further, I think he made a good case for being forced out over his health care vote.

What is interesting though is how it is being covered.

In the past this story would not get much traction and would die a quiet death. The Dems could then get about the business of destroying the economy by passing their health care "reform".

This is not the past though. Fox, Drudge, etc picked it up, people tweated, and now the left are the ones answering questions and trying to clean up the mess:

Gibbs brushes off resigned congressman's complaint

Massa Drama: Democratic Congressman Muddles Rahm's Message

I don't know about you but to me these denials make them seem like they have something to hide.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

In short, yes, we are seeing a change in how news is being delivered. This has been a gradual change over a long period of time, though, although I do think the change has been picking up steam since the last BIG election (Obama, not Scott Brown).

Getting news from the Internet is not new, but it is growing. Blogs are becoming more popular, as well, although I think blogs from well known writers and commentators are much more influential than yours and mine.

Fox news is becoming a phenomenon. I'm honestly surprised at the popularity of Fox. It's gaining significantly among independents and even people on the moderate left. MSNBC and CNN have no audience. The Big 3 evening news programs could well be replaced within the next 5 to 10 years with entertainment programs.

Even Time and Newsweek are at risk. Their circulations are declining. While they are blaming the internet, a magazine called Newsmax, which has a similar format to Time and Newsweek, but has a conservative bent, is picking up its circulation numbers (in spite of the existence of the internet).

The Big 3 networks are run by people with a leftist agenda, no question about that. However, they are also responsible to their stockholders. I wonder how long it will be before the stockholders of these companies (as well as the owners of TIme and Newsweek) insist that they become .... at least less bias, if not conservative leaning.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

MK said...

It's always nice when the left have to choke down their own medicine.

"The media was not only biased, they were actively carrying water for Democrats...."

Don't for even a second think that they'll stop, just wait till the next election rolls around, they'll be back at it for the dems. They're leftists themselves and they'll flock together.

GM Roper said...

Don't blame the "professional" journalists, they can't help themselves in "carrying water for..." the Damn-O-Crats. They had their brains addled in J-School and they aren't responsible. :)

Chuck said...

TC, good point on the stockholders. I have wondered for years what is happening at MSNBC. They can't be making money with their numbers. When do the stockholders pull the plug.

MK, good thing is by the next election no one will be watching them.

GM, or removed

Always On Watch said...

I use the Internet to get my news now.

Now, a lot of what's on the Internet is merely distracting noise. But a lot isn't as well.

I do look for Fox News to move more to the center. For example, just recently on FNC, Glenn Beck vilified Geert Wilders as a Fascist. I also note that FNC is "courting" Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR.

Brooke said...

I don't even watch television news anymore, I get all of the info from the internet.

AOW, I didn't know Beck did that! What is he thinking?

Anonymous said...

In my view, Eric Massa would make a perfect centerpiece for a bouquet of assholes. Here is a man sans credibility. It is so bad that even the democrats have distanced themselves from him —and this is really something, considering that democrats rallied around Barney Frank and his male prostitution ring disclosure a few years back. Massa’s foolishness reaffirms what I already believe about politicians.

Do I think that Rahm Emanuel did what Massa alleges? Yeah. They don’t call him “Knee-capper” for nothing. On the other hand, I watched Massa’s appearance on the Glenn Beck show and he steadfastly refused to reveal any “corruption” in the House of Representatives.

If we ever expect the lame stream media to report anything political in an objective manner, we're drinking too much cool aid.

Mustang Sends

Z said...

AOW, are you SURE those things were said and FOX is courting COOPER? SPIT.

Chuck, yes, there are changes. Mostly good ones.
Cracked me up to see you have noticed the leftwing 'news' has nothing but VERY leftwing supposed Republicans on to 'argue' the left...and Pat Buchanan, when discussing the Iraq war, the biggest ANTI WAR Republican there was!..that's the guy Chris Matthews likes to show as being SO COOL he has CONSERVATIVE there on the subject! What a laugh.

Chuck said...

AOW, I think Fox is already move towards the center

Brooke, sometimes I like Beck, sometimes I think he's an idiot

Mustang, I think Massa is full of it too but I also think the Dems are dumping on him for his vote on health care, not because he's a sleazeball

Z, we only have CNN in the break room at work. It's always amusing who they call a conservative