Monday, March 22, 2010

A Good Start

The Republican Party is already hitting the Democrats over their health care vote.

Republicans target Democrats on US healthcare reform

WASHINGTON, March 22 (Reuters) - Vulnerable Democratic U.S. lawmakers who backed President Barack Obama's healthcare reform plan are being targeted with freshly cut Republican TV attack ads.

The spots hope to convince voters that the landmark healthcare measure, which narrowly won final congressional approval on Sunday, is a bad idea and that the lawmakers who supported it should be defeated in the November election.

"After all this wheeling and dealing, we still have a cost-raising, tax-increasing bill," an announcer says in one of a number of ads by the House Republican campaign committee set to begin airing this week. "Stop the madness."

Ken Spain, the committee's communications director, indicated that a few dozen Democrats in the House of Representatives, many facing tough re-election campaigns, may eventually be targeted.

He dared the Democratic Party to go ahead with plans to try to defend them and build support for the overhaul.

"The more Democrats talk about the healthcare bill, the worse it gets from them," Spain said.

There may be some that say that the GOP should wait until later in the year, closer to the election.

I disagree. I think they have the Democrats damaged right now and should hit quickly and repeatedly.

This November's election is one of the most important in a generation, we have to retake at least the House to stop the socialist agenda of the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Stay tuned, maybe someone in the GOP has grown a pair.


Z said...

I don't know, Chuck...The WH is going into overdrive with TV ads very soon, coming out telling America why the passing of this hideous bill is SO good for them and I think we should let Americans see that ("if it's so good, what do they need to spend money selling it to US now, Esther?" etc...)and then, later, WE hit back.
I'm afraid the media will skewer us if we start too early.
What's the point? We'll be run dry by the time the elections really start heating up in Nov, don't you think?
You could be right, but this is my gut instinct.

Chuck said...

Z, I saw an article this morning that Tea Party chapters are having an explosion in membership. One organizer said she is getting so many phone calls for people asking to join that she cannot keep up.

Obama's approval rating is 47%, Pelosi's 11%, and Reid's 8%, who's going to sell it?

We have stories of Democratic Sec of States around the country filing lawsuits against the bill.

Word is people on the street of very liberal NY city are bitching.

It is easy to be pessimistic and I fight it too but I think Obama's magic is gone.

Z said...

boy, is that encouraging to hear.
Now if we can somehow meld the RNC with the TPers...our only hope, like the RNC or not.

shoprat said...

If we can stop the Obama from giving illegals the right to vote we should be able to pull it out. That's the next fight and we must win this one or push it past the next election.

MK said...

I just hope that it makes a difference, i'm not so concerned about those leftist assholes losing the election, the real question is will the GOP repeal this wretched socialism.

If they can't or won't repeal it, i can give you a gold-plated guarantee that it won't make any @#$ing difference.

We have conservative parties in Australia, but because we have socialized health, they are all neutered, the only question that's asked every election cycle is, do we take one step to the left or two.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, they are trying to decide between immigration and global warming. Especially since they don't know what the hell to do about the economy

MK, I think one possibility is that the GOP can refuse to fund it if they retake Congress this year. That will make Obama decide if he wants to keep the program as is without money or work with the GOP on fixing it.

Ticker said...

I learned many years ago when I was a very skinny lil kid who got picked on by the older bullies in the neighborhood that it paid to hit them quick and as hard as possible and as often as possible. The Republicans need to do the same thing now.

They basically have already screwed up by not invoking the Byrd rule. Rule 6 says that reconcilliation can not be used if it has to do with Social Security.
Now the last time I checked Medicare and Medicaid, both of which will be changed in this bill, are part of SS. They were set up under the SSA and are controlled by the SSA and money comes through SSA for both. Why didn't they hit hard and fast with this Rule? Either they are stupid or they are just playing a game to fool the American people into thinking they are fighting against this travesty.
Anyone have any answers?

Chuck said...

Ticker, I for one do not have answers for how the GOP is being run right now