Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Find This Amusing

I may be a sick person but I find quite a symmetry here:

Porn career? It won’t worry my colleagues, says Anna Arrowsmith

I have interviewed countless politicians over the years, of many a persuasion. Never before has one seen fit, while outlining her electoral credentials, to dwell on the pornographic films she has made in her lounge.

Anna Arrowsmith, also known as Anna Span, is the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Gravesham in Kent. She is also the auteur of hundreds of “female-friendly” porn films. Her neighbours in Tunbridge Wells may or may not be disgusted to learn that some of these, including Be My Toyboy, were shot in the front room.

First, anyone shocked she's a Liberal Democrat? Why wouldn't a party with no moral compass run a porn queen on it's ticket.

Second, she would be doing the same thing she did in her films, just on a different stage.


Brooke said...

You know what they say about politics being the second oldest profession...

Ticker said...

Thing is she'd do less harm in porn flicks than in politics.

Chuck said...

Brooke, and the sleaziest

Ticker, agreed

MK said...

On the plus side, it ought to be a walk in the park for her opponent. Unless that's die-hard liberal land or something.