Thursday, March 25, 2010

The "New" Hateful Climate In The US

There has been a lot of talk the last few days about threats against Democratic Congressional members that voted for the unconstitutional health care bill. Obviously the FBI and Capitol police need to address these threats and lock up any of the nutjobs they catch making them.

One of the most amusing things about this though is how the media is all of a sudden in a panic over governmental officials being threatened. Where the Hell have they been the last 8 years? Did they just all of a sudden wake up in a cave?

We won't even bother, for now, with the way George Bush was talked about.

The media is bent out of shape because a couple of Congressional offices have had some windows broken, an admittedly horrible act. What they have ignored for years is there has been multiple incidents of local and state Republican offices vandalized.

There are stories of one nut making threatening statements about a Congressional members children. Clearly a serious and horrendous case and the person making the threats needs to be imprisoned. I do need to ask though, have they even heard of Sarah Palin? Look at the way her children were treated during the campaign. What about the famous Sarah Palin hanging in effigy?

Go back and revisit recent Republican National Conventions. Leftists standing outside spitting on Republican attendees, throwing urine on them, disrupting the convention. The media never realized this was happening.

How many of you reading this realize that Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky was getting threatening phone calls after his recent stand on jobless benefits? I didn't know until last night because the media was ignoring it.

We have the Republican leadership come out this week and condemn these actions. I have to ask again, where the Hell have the Democratic leadership been over the last 8 years? We haven't seen any speeches by Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, or Barrack Obama, or anyone else calling for the nuts in their party to stop acting the way they have been.

Finally there is this:

Hateful Climate in U.S. Could Lead to Obama Assassination, Farrakhan Says

CHICAGO -- Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says a hateful climate is being created in the U.S. which may encourage an assassination attempt against President Barack Obama.

Farrakhan spoke Wednesday on WVON radio, a black-oriented Chicago station.

He pointed specifically to derisive comments, including the "N-word," being allegedly shouted at legislators who supported Obama's health care legislation. He also pointed to rallies where signs depicted Obama as Hitler.

And the 76-year-old leader of the Chicago-based movement, which embraces black nationalism, predicts things will only get worse.

Farrakhan says Obama is in trouble.

Farrakhan has said what he calls the "white right" is conspiring to make Obama a one-term president.

Farrakhan says American needs to support Obama because he is the country's "last chance" to improve.


Well, thank God the left hasn't been acting like this.


Z said...

Chuck, someone commented at my place that "Chris Matthews has fantasized on-air about seeing Rush Limbaugh shot in the head. Sandra Bernhardt says she wants Sarah Palin gang raped. Bill Maher wishes that Glenn Beck had been shot to death."

If those are correct, how can the media NOW say things are HATEFUL? It's only HATEFUL when it's against liberals, I guess.
Imagine all they said about Bush being Hitler, etc........nobody in the media cared enough to air that.

I hope this isn't a set-up by Farrakhan to instigate real unrest.

cube said...

Some idiot liberal made a movie about Bush being assassinated, for Pete's sake. That wasn't hateful enough?

I guess hate speech, like free speech, only works how the liberals say it does.

Chuck said...

Z, it's hard to tell what Farrakhan is up to, he's a nut. It is amazing how differently things are changing

Cube, agreed. But that was art. Yeah, right.

The Born Again American said...

If Obama is our last chance, it's too late, we're F**KED...

Brooke said...

Ah, the hypocrisy of the midstream media.

I GUARANTEE that if Obama is assassinated, it will be by a hard-core leftist.

MK said...

There's no need to get defensive or start apologizing & criticizing for all this Chuck, if you do when you have done nothing wrong is set the terms of debate as the left want, in their favor.

The way i see it, we should adopt the leftist position on violence, death and mayhem, a sort of return the favor.

I wouldn't assault a democrat myself even if they are loathsome fascists but I wouldn't want to impose my moral values on others. No one is for beating democrats and leftists. But how will criminalizing people making difficult, somewhat justified and often tragic, decisions be an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the beatings of democrats? Following the moral precepts of liberals, I believe the correct position is: If you don't believe in beating democrats, then don't beat one.

Ticker said...

If one remembers Hiter's day and rise to power there were similar events staged by Hitler's Brown Shirts and other got the blame.

So far no one has actually heard the threat against Slaughter except Slaughter. No one has actually seen WHO threw brick's and such but yet the media is quick to blame the right for such. Sounds a bit too familiar to me.

Farrakhan is a hate monger and I would not put it past him and his followers to attempt or actually carry out an an assassination against Obama. He and his ilk would scream that it was WHITEY who did it and of course the Rev. Wright would jump right in there. The leftist would immediately blame and condemn the right the Blacks would take to the streets stirred on by the Black Caucus, NAACP as well as Farrakhan and Wright. Riots would ensue and blood would run in the streets.
It is perilous times that we are living in and the left is going to continue to make it worse either by actions or silence.

Anonymous said...

Ticker isn't far off the mark; who killed Malcolm X?


Chuck said...

Born again, it would seem

Brooke, except they are afraid of guns

MK, they aren't worth the trouble. Vote them out and let them go somewhere and rot

Ticker, I have told my wife that some of these are going to turn out to have been orchestrated by the left in an attempt to cause trouble

Sam, agreed