Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Exactly Universal Health Care Coverage

Congress is in the process of destroying reforming our health care. They claim the bill they have put together will be good for us.

Evidently it's not good enough for them or their staff though.

With legislation encompassing almost 3,000 pages, it will take time to find out exactly what the mandates in the newly passed health care law mean for America. After all, it wasn’t until the end of last week that the reconciliation bill was even made public. But here's something we already have uncovered. And it's shocking. -- In addition to all the special favors doled out to various congressional districts, it turns out that the congressional staff who wrote the health care bill put in special favors for themselves, too.

While everyone else in the United States -- from the top corporate executives to the grocery store checkout clerk -- will be forced to buy their insurance through heavily regulated state-run exchanges, the health care bill excludes one group: the leadership and committee staff. Yes, that’s right. The very people who wrote up this bill are refusing to be included themselves. Given the narrow definition of “congressional staff” on page 158 of the health care bill, the Congressional Research Service memo believes that courts will not require “professional committee staff, joint committee staff, some shared staff, as well as potentially those staff employed by leadership offices” to go through the exchanges. President Obama and his family are also exempt from the law.

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We need someone from the GOP to step up and force a vote on a bill requiring that members of Congress and their staff sign up for the health care they passed. Make the Dems go on record voting against it. Then in November, ask the voters how they feel about the health care reform now.


Preston said...


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Excerpt from Dean Koontz’s book, “From the Corner of His Eye”.

It embodies the idea of how the smallest of acts can have such a profound effect on each of our lives.

Chuck said...

Umm, thanks, Preston

Karen Howes said...

Not a bit surprised, Chuck. We didn't actually think that the elitists would actually trade in their own excellent health care plans for this crap, did we?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Chuck, but Nasty Pelosi would never let such a measure to get to the floor of the House. In that way, Democrats could say they weren't given a chance to vote on it and escape our scruitiny.

The legislative process is thus corrupt. But of course, I do feel a lot better ... thanks to Preston.

Mustang out

Leslie said...


okay then...

Somethings in this life can be just as destructive as deception and tyranny.

I would love to see the people call the congress out on their own health care coverage and for a bill to come to the floor proposing they take the socialist plan now put into law. But I agree that the congress is too corrupt to ever see such a thing happen.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to try nor show proof that the steps have been taken.


cube said...

Where are the republicans? We should be making hay out of this.

Z said...

Imagine running on this in November? You're so right, Chuck.
Cube's right, where ARE they? I'm hoping that they'll be gearing up soon and reading your blog for ideas, Chuck! :-)

Chuck said...

Karen, agreed

Mustang, good point. I think the public is getting too restless for even moves like this. Just proposing the bill will cause headaches for the Dims

Leslie, that's all that will really happen. Truth is what I proposed is not much more than political grandstanding but with the media covering for the Dem leadership in Congress, the GOP has to make it's own news

Cube, that is what I am saying. They need to grow a pair

Z, humble old me? They can't be bothered with a dumb man from the sticks here in fly-over land. ;)

Ticker said...

The Republicans, like the Dems are not about to trade their health care for this NOCARE. I am currently in the process of talking to my representative and demanding that he sign on and say he will accept the same coverage as the rest of his constituents have to do. He has a choice, do so or I will campaign against him. If time allowed I would run against him but 8 months is not time to mount a challenge to a well established and well liked representative. Health wise it would be near suicidal for me, unfortunately.

MK said...

That's how liberal fascists work, they decide what's good for you because you're too stupid and they make themselves exempt because they're simply special. Oh and you'll be the ones paying for it.

You're right Chuck, the GOP ought to be shouting this from the roof tops, why is it that obama chooses to stay out of his proposal when he touts it as the next best thing for humanity.

Always On Watch said...

Treating members of the federal work force is against OPM rules - so I read in the WaPo.

I wonder how long it will be before all federal employees are tossed onto the health-insurance "open market."

Note that pre-existing conditions must be covered, but that the hike in premiums under such circumstances is not mentioned. Mr. AOW has a HIPAA policy which covers pre-existing conditions via federal mandate; he pays double the premium.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I've been as hard on the Republicans as anyone, and I'm as frustrated with the way they governed as anyone when they were in power. But I'm a little hesitant to blast Republicans for anything in the health care bill. The Republicans have been VERY critical of every aspect of this bill, including the fact that Congress is excluded. As things stand, they don't have the power to do a single thing. This is totally at the feet of the democrats.

The Democrats have gang-raped the constitution and the American people with this bill. Welcome to the People's Republic of Amerika.

Chuck said...

Ticker, it's time to hold Republicans accountable. Either they are conservatives or they are Democrats.

MK, or put his kids on it

AOW, there hasn't been talk of the cost to people with pre-existing conditions

TC, I agree to an extent. The problem is they are being critical without any alternative