Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Redistribution Of Wealth

We are hearing this more and more.

We have had more than one Congressional member threaten to nationalize the oil industry in the US.

We have had Obama virtually nationalize the financial system and General Motors to the extent that they are firing CEO's and determining compensation for their upper management.

Then, of course, we have the take over of the health care system.

Now we are hearing on a regular basis about redistribution of wealth. The latest is the Democratic Party's resident nutcase Howard Dean.

We are on a steep slope to socialism in this country.

The mid term elections in November may be the most important in a generation.

We have one chance to stop our slide into socialism. If we win at least one chamber of Congress we have a check on Obama.

If we do not, we cede the country to the far left. It cannot be simpler than that.

If the Democrats keep control of both chambers of Congress they will, in their twisted little minds, consider that a mandate by the American people to proceed as planned.

We have not seen anything yet. If we do not get out and retake Congress we will look back at the last year as the good old days.


Brooke said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Chuck.

I fear that in the coming months, there will be a push for amnesty, and ACORN's renamed divisions will be out in force trying to secure a 'win' for the left.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Excellent post. I hate to think we may right now be living in one of the most prosperous times America will ever see, but it could well happen.

I wonder how the Lamestream Media is going to spin 20 or 30 percent unemployment.

Leslie said...

Can we say Hugo Chavez? Venezuela? The actions are in a slightly different order, but the model is still being perpetrated. He is, afterall, one of Obama's heroes. And we all know how good B.O is at choosing heroes...

How long do you think it will take this administration to do away with presidential term limits? Let's see... how long did it take Chavez to achieve this?

Anonymous said...

Ah, our nation’s capital; a place where, at any moment, one can observe the uncanny mixture of crusaders and sleaze artists, intermixed with idiots and intellectuals and where the former hold higher positions than the latter.

One wonders how it is possible to love this circus, but we do —we definitely do. What better place to observe the absurd than within the so-called Capital Beltway. Here, a snap of the fingers will create war, increase taxes, lower benefits, and create a new reality for most Americans, who for the most part do not even know who their elected officials are. It is a place of monuments and inadequacies; it is capable of making people either furious or euphoric.

And two-hundred years ago, who knew that our government could lie, and spin, and quibble so much that they could create enough energy to power the entire nation —if only we knew how to tap into it, if we don’t mind tapping into ‘the dark side’.

Say what you will about Chavez, Leslie; he at least didn’t attempt to hide what he is. We cannot say that for the gangsters who WE allowed to seize our government. If the communists can pass an amnesty bill, every democrat will achieve reelection in November. What illegal alien wouldn’t be tickled pink to vote for the communist who just made them beneficiaries of everyone else?

Mustang Sends

Chuck said...

Brooke, I think the rename is so the Dims can give them more money from Congress

TC, wonder how long they can blame Bush for it?

Leslie, I think Venezuela is a good analogy. I think we are headed that way if we give the Dems another 2 years

Mustang, you hit a good point. Part of our problem is that many of our citizens do not even know who our elected leaders are. How can they know what these people are doing to us if they don't even know who the Vice President it?

Ticker said...

It's time for term limits folks but then I've been saying that since 1962 (college days) and where has it got me.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I have always been of two minds on term limits. On hand I agree, we should have them. On the other hand, I get frustrated because we already do - it's called voting. If people would actually participate and know what, and who, they were voting for then I would say let the people have their say and we are stuck with who is voted in.

MK said...

"If we do not, we cede the country to the far left. It cannot be simpler than that."

Exactly Chuck, but the crazy thing is that there are enough morons out there who still won't get it. Only when you're turned into a shithole like venezuela, will they wake up.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed. They are finally starting to realize what that little whackjob is doing to them

Ticker said...

Problem is Chuck people are too lazy to exercise their right to vote. Having laws in place would negate that fact plus stop the uninformed idiots from re-electing the same fools over and over again.

Chuck said...

Ticker I agree, this is why I am not completely against term limits

Chuck said...

Ticker I agree, this is why I am not completely against term limits