Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barrack Obama, The Fiscal Conservative

Administration to Tea Parties: We're on Your Side

Tea Partiers, the Obama administration is on your side.

That's been the message from the White House over the past few days, as top officials dispute charges that Washington is on a spending binge and encourage conservative protesters to count their blessings.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, when asked about the Tea Party protests, said in an interview Sunday that the Obama administration is paying more attention to deficit and spending concerns than the Bush administration did.

"We've just been through eight years where many people said deficits don't matter. We can pass huge tax cuts, pass huge new programs without paying for them. That debate has changed fundamentally," Geithner said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"You don't hear people say anymore deficits don't matter. You don't hear people saying we can pass enormous expansions in government without paying for it. That's an important change."

And President Obama said at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Thursday that Tea Party activists should "be saying thank you" to him for the tax cuts passed by his administration.

Let's put this in a little perspective:

President Bush ran up a $458.6 billion deficit during his last full year in office. Obama ran up a $1.4 trillion deficit in fiscal 2009 -- that covered part of Bush's final year, but budget projections show deficits will continue to top $1 trillion for several years under Obama.

So, put another way, Obama is projected to average 3 times the annual budget deficits that Bush did.

I always have a hard time deciding if they are stupid and are actually serious about these types of statements or if they know they are lying and think we are stupid enough to believe it.

Any guess as to which it is?


shoprat said...

I wonder if he is of the mindset that considers money to be a mere construct that really doesn't matter.

cube said...

If you ask me, they know they're lying but think the average American is either too stupid or just not paying enough attention to notice.

To their credit, I wonder how many people really know the difference between a million, a billion, and a trillion.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, all Dems do - it's not their money

Cube, I agree. I also think they know they have most of the media in the tank so the truth doesn't matter

Karen Howes said...

But wait, I thought that Obama was AMUSED by us? I'm confused...

Chuck said...

Karen, I think he's afraid

Z said...

isn't good to see shoprat back? :-)

THEY know they're lying..SO DO WE! And, yes, the media's right there backing them up. Must be nice.
And the way he TALKS to people these days...as if he's spanking everybody..

LomaAlta said...

If Obama and/or his handlers lips are moving they are lying.

MK said...

The only wonder is how they lie with such straight faces, how the are so completely incapable of any shame whatsoever.

LASunsett said...

For Obama to claim fiscal conservatism is like Wesley Snipes claiming he is a tax-paying citizen.

It does not compute.

Mustang said...

I agree with Cube … lying is what politicians do for a living. Their arrogance leads them to conclude we don’t know they’re lying. Of course we do. We know their lying is but the tip of their massive dishonesty and I think most Americans are feeling the frustration of not having any real choices. They can vote for Dishonest Politician A, or Dishonest Politician B.

And of course, nothing could make committed socialists happier than to see confidence in our political system collapse; it signals that they’ve won; it is what they hoped would happen at the outset. It was the purpose of Acorn, and labor unions, and professional groups, such as the NEA; it is why George Soros bought the presidency for Barack Obama.

I also agree with Cube that most people do not know the difference between millions and trillions. These people can’t even manage a household budget much less understand derivatives or compounding interest.

Mr. Obama’s changing tack doesn’t surprise me; he is a skilled politician. This means that he is a lying snake and he’d sell his own mother into prostitution if he thought he could benefit from it. Obama is a social conservative like Soros loves America. But my concern is that according to Rasmussen, 46% of the American people continue to approve of President Obama. With morons like this voting, I cannot be confident that Americans will toss the Communists out of the congress in November, or limit Obama to a one-term presidency.

Brooke said...

In my estimation, it is the latter... But to add to it, I don't think they care one whit if we buy it or not.

The King's word is beyond contestation, after all.

Chuck said...

Z, agreed on both points

LomaAlta, good point

MK, it's bordering on sociopathic

LA, it's stunning he can do it with his record to date.

Mustang, well put. I too agree that there is no real indication yet that voters will not re-elect him. I really only comes down to if the voters have a choice in 2012. Right now there isn't anyone real obvious stepping forward.

Brooke, good point in that he may not even care. If he is anything, it is a megalomaniac. It may not even occur to him that it is not true.