Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check out this article. It's mostly about cities and organizations boycotting Arizona for it's recently passed anti-immigration law. The article is interesting although mostly a rehash of what most of us have already heard.

This part caught my eye though.

"Would Arizona and other states that are more conservative than San Francisco retaliate and stop sending conventions to San Francisco?" asked Kevin Westly of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. "Certainly in a recession, we don't want any retaliation."

I think there could be something to this. I say people who agree with the Arizona law show their support by going to Arizona when possible. People who book conventions, book them there. Go there for a vacation.

More importantly, boycott the San Franciscos.


Sue said...

I like this concept! It could catch on. Let's spread the idea!

cube said...

I'm not against this solution, but I think we should've erected a big honkin' fence first and then the illegal situation would've been a smaller issue.

Chuck said...

Sue, that's what I'm thinking.

Cube, a fence before you go for vacation there would be a good idea

Phill Senters said...

I think it's a good idea Chuck. They need help in Arizona..They're facing a huge crime wave where the citizens are afraid of being murdered in their own towns. If the federal government had been fulfilling it's obligation for the past fifteen years, all this fuss over a new state law would never have been an issue because there would have been no need for any new laws. I hear Texas may follow Arizona with a new law of their own. I hope all the border states do. Enough of all this political correctness and so called "social justice" already. How about some EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!?

gramma2many said...

We could organize a Conservative Bloggers convention in Arizona. Anyone want to go?

cube said...

More states need to pass similar legislation otherwise the illegals will just move where the welfare perks are better.

Brooke said...

If only I could afford to get to AZ for the weekend.

Did you hear about the idiot lefties that are boycotting Arizona Tea... The one that is made in New York?


Ticker said...

Texas won't pass a law similar to Arizona's. They have had such a law pending for vote for several years now and Perry can't even , or won't control one or two in his own party to get the bill on the floor for a vote. Perry won't push it because it might cost him votes. It will cost him my vote because of his lack of leadership.

MK said...

"More importantly, boycott the San Franciscos."

I agree with that sentiment, i for one have had enough of those sanctimonious liberal fascists who insist they know better.

Chuck said...

Phil, agreed. Also, we pols from all over the country throwing in support

Gramma, sounds like fun

Cube, I think other states will. It will then will then be interesting to watch the remaining state to see what they do. All of the "sanctuary cities all of a sudden aren't interested in taking more illegals.

Brooke, it's funny and sad

Ticker, it may put pressure on conservatives to put up or shut up


liberal fascists who insist they know better.

See Brooke's comment