Thursday, April 1, 2010

Democrats Keeping Low Profile During Break

U.S. Democrats lie low after healthcare victory

LOS ANGELES, April 1 (Reuters) - The week after passing landmark healthcare reform and handing President Barack Obama an important victory, members of the U.S. Congress returned to their home districts for a recess to face constituents and justify their votes after the bruising legislative battle.

While Obama made flying visits across the country to tout the new legislation, a number of key Democrats, who led the charge for healthcare reform, seemed to keep a low profile and are doing little to beat the drum.

So much for all of this talk that voters will flock to Dems once they know what is in the health care bill, they're too embarrassed to even talk about it.

That's okay, the Republicans need to do it for them. If they have any brains that is. The GOP needs to get out there and fill the void. Define the bill and the Dems.


Ticker said...

Too many Republican's will think this is too busy of a time or the season too sacred for families to be bothered with such and thus pass up the perfect time to drive the message home.
I would remind the people of the corrupt government ruling the world at the time of our Easter was oppressing the people and what followed was even more persecution of those who sought true freedom through the teachings of Christ. I would remind them that those who opposed the ruling government were forced into silence , into hiding and were blamed for all the troubles within the Empire and how it compares to today' government where opposition is met with threats, taunts and means afoot to silence the opposition through such nefarious action as the "Fairness Act" and who knows what to come.
What a perfect time to show how freedoms are being lost and rule us being shoved down their throats, but alas I fear few Republican's will use the opportunity to preach the message and spread the word.
It will be left to us, the itinerant preachers(bloggers), to spread the word and point out how the Constitution speaks to these problems.

Now that I have preached to the choir, I'll shut up.

Ticker said...

One more word and I'll be gone.
I would remind the people not to be taken in with the offer to "study and then drill" .
They are being offered a choice, Barabbas or Jesus.( evil or good) With Barabbas being released by a group of uninformed , ignorant people what will follow is Cap and Trade (Crap and Tax) which equals the great persecution.

Shall we all stand and sing, "In the Sweet By and By" and it won't be sweet unless we gather at the river in November.

Brooke said...

I agree with you, Chuck. I only hope Repubs can grow a spine and start ramming all the bad stuff in this bill down the Dem's throat, and making sure the people see it until November and beyond, even.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don’t see much in the way of quality leadership in the GOP —plenty of politicians— no leaders. I lament that the principal problem with our country these days is that we have far too many politicians and far too few statesmen. But with that said, I think the Democrats ought to lay low. They are a bunch of snakes, after all.

Semper Fi

Mustang Sends

Always On Watch said...

The Dems fear their constituents right now - and I'm not referreing to the purported threats against them.

Perhaps the Dems won't beat the drum about the Health Reform Act because they realize that November is coming.

MK said...

Amazing how the left always tout their policies as being wonderful and all that, but they always have to sneak around, lie, cheat and steal to get them passed.

Chuck said...

Ticker, this study and drill bit is a new Obama trick. He tried pulling the same thing with tort reform for health care. He promised to study the issue.

Brooke, they need to get off of their hands for once

Mustang, there also may be a method to their madness. They may be banking on the GOP not mustering a campaign against them.

AOW, they're would rather the whole thing be kept quiet

MK, also they claimed it was good for us - why the fear?