Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Is Creepy

Department Store Pulls Padded Bikini Bras for Kids

Popular U.K. discount retailer Primark has pulled a line of sexy padded bikinis from its shelves after complaints from child protection agencies and criticism from a tabloid newspaper.

The bathing suits had enough padding in the halter top to make girls as young as 7-years-old look like they had breasts. They came in both black and white polka dot, and hot pink with gold stars.

We wonder why there is such a problem with child abuse. Retailers sell trashy clothing for parents to buy and dress their small children in. Make no mistake, this was on the shelf because it sells.

Anyone that reads this blog knows where I stand on child abuse and know that I am not condoning what these animals do. The question is though, are we inviting trouble with stuff like this?


gramma2many said...

I really think parents need to complain and quit buying. It is the only answer. Until they do, the stores will continue to stock it.
My daughter has the most difficult time buying modest clothing for her two little girls. Also the designs on them are very offensive. Peace symbols or skulls and crossbones. Nothing pretty about it at all.
Dresses with low necklines and slinky fabrics. I am talking for my 7&9 year old granddaughters.

gramma2many said...

Oh, yes,and try to buy a modest one piece swimming suit for a little girl. Almost impossible.

Always On Watch said...

Retailers sell trashy clothing for parents to buy and dress their small children in.

I don't expect children to have any sense about sexual messages.

But their parents certainly should!

Exploiting children's sexuality is hedonistic in the extreme -- and low, low, low.

Always On Watch said...

Gramma 2 Many is exactly correct:

try to buy a modest one piece swimming suit for a little girl. Almost impossible.

I see this problem getting worse every year at our neighborhood swimming pool.

Chuck said...

Gramma, it's horrendous what the sell for girls. Even in to the older grades. We see girls in junior high school wearing low cut or high on thigh dresses.

AOW, it is the parents. My daughter 9 years old) owns nor wears any clothes we have not approved. I think the sexualization of children is a sad commentary on our society.

Brooke said...

Yes, buying decent clothing for girls is difficult. I have a eight-year-old, and have to scour the store for things with decent necklines, and don't get me started on the length of skirts and shorts!


And AOW is correct, what kind of parent would buy such a thing for their daughter?

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Chuck I think you are making too much of the "child abuse" angle. I don't think someone who is prone to abusing children is going to be more or less apt to abuse a child wearing padding in a bikini top.

I do think, however, that this sends a bad message to children: That they will be liked better/be more popular/more accepted if they have larger breasts. That is a dangerous message.

Messages about appearance and messages particularly about becoming sexually attractive are all too prevalent in our society and it starts at a young age. Then we wonder why they are out of control and promiscuous at 13 and 14 and 15. We've set children up for failure.

Chuck said...

Brooke, same with shoes. I joke with my wife that it's all hooker wear for children. It's sad

TC, I was pretty clear that I was not blaming child abuse on the clothing. I am not going to give pedophiles an out. It's hard to deny though that there isn't a connection.

cube said...

As the mother of two teenage girls, I have been angry about the sexualization of children, especially girls, for a very long time. It just seems to be getting worse every year.

MK said...

There are far worse parents out there Chuck, and they're selling it because there are depraved and also plain-stupid parents out there.

Chuck said...

Cube, agreed. It is happening with boys and girls but I think much more with girls

MK, I think a lot of it is just pathetic. Some parents cannot deal with aging and have to live through their children.