Friday, April 9, 2010

Trouble Brewing For The Dems?

Fox has a recent poll and none of it looks good for Obama or the rest of the Democratic Party. This is nothing new, and the notion that the Democratic Party is in trouble in this years election is not news.

There is one statistic in the poll that did not get a lot of attention but is, in my opinion, possibly the most important stat.

Since the law’s passage, the number of Democrats saying they are “extremely” or “very” interested in the elections remains unchanged at 50 percent, while a significantly larger number of Republicans -- 69 percent -- are at least very interested.

I think this is what doomed the Republicans in the last 2 elections and very possibly contributed to the election of Obama. Conservatives were unenthusiastic about the Republicans running and stayed home.

I think this difference between the parties, more than health care, can be the determining factor in the election.


LomaAlta said...

I think you are right Chuck.
Now how are we going to get rid of RINOS? (which will make millions of GOP voters stay home)

Lindsey Graham and Johhn McCain should be dems, but is sure sounds like McCain is campaigning for another run in 2012.

Always On Watch said...

I've never stayed home on election day. Never!

Sure, sometimes I have to hold my nose to vote, but vote I do.

Frankly, I have no respect for any of the electorate who choose to stay home on election day.

Now, RINOS are a huge problem. I'm going to be highly pissed if McCain is again the GOP candidate in 2012. Surely, surely, the GOP isn't THAT stupid?

Always On Watch said...

The stat cited may also reflect conservatives' depression these days.

MK said...

I saw an article about that poll Chuck, but i didn't see that bit, well spotted and i think you're onto something.

Leftist scum always do really bad when people take an interest in their actions. That's when people see what a bunch of disgusting, morally bankrupt, treacherous weasels they really are.

Bring on the elections, time to let the door hit zero in the ass.

Mustang said...

I see myself as a conservative, rather than a republican. In my view, the GOP has failed us miserably.

McCain is a RINO, that's for sure; and it is true there are far too many socialist-light members of the GOP. Plus, I keep getting emails from Michael Steele which display nothing short of pure idiocy.

Steele's job is to locate a smooth-talking Reagan; someone who can rally conservatives. He hasn't done that and I don't see anyone standing in the wings, either.

I like Sunset's idea: vote out every member of Congress and start over. We can't possibly do worse, can we?

Leslie said...

I am for voting them all out and starting fresh.

One has to wonder why the GOP put McCain on the ticket. Just like the taste of some wine --sometimes you have to get used to the bitterness-- perhaps we can see this move as getting Republicans and Conservatives to get used to the idea of Rhinocans, accepting compromise.

It is the old "widening of the tent" which really translates as "We will let any tramp off the street in as long as they vote for the R." It is the bane of being dedicated to a letter rather than principle.

But I digress a bit from your post, sorry. We can see the Dems are in trouble, but I can't help but feel it is orchestrated, the falling on the sword type of thing in order to continue to advance the progressive movement. I could be wrong though. We shall see what new careers these Dems end up in after retiring.

Z said...

"One has to wonder why the GOP put McCain on the ticket."

And, also, why they put an ex-colleague and friend of Katie Couric's on Sarah Palin's PR team. hmmmm
I read exactly five pages of the Palin book and that's what I read...she couldn't figure out why the woman had set her up with another COuric interview after the first went rather badly and while walking away from a Couric ambush, turned around only to see the woman working for HER hugging Couric and telling her how happy she was to see her. odd? Sarah thought so, too.

Chuck said...

Sorry all, out of town for the day

LomaAlta, good point. I think the easiest way is to not vote them in in the primaries. I find it hard to believe McCain is dumb enough to run again.

AOW, I have voted since I was eligible. One thing that annoys me to no end is someone who doesn't vote complaining about the government.

AOW, I think conservatives are excited overall. They just need to something to get excited about like LomaAlta mentioned

MK, he's the main reason the Dims are not as excited


We can't possibly do worse, can we?

that's the real question isn't it?

Leslie, it all goes back to AOW's point about elections. People simply do not understand the importance of the primary. We have about 10% of voters participate in the primaries. In the general election we generally vote along party lines. Think of McCain and then think about just how important the primary is.

Z, I think the real story here is the utter incompetence of the McCain campaign team.

Leslie said...

I disagree a bit on primaries Chuck. The system needs reworked in the area of primaries. By the time the primary for Indiana came along, McCain already had the nomination... But yes, many people sit home during the primaries, which helps nothing.

Z said...

Chuck, I'm trying to say I think it's more than incompetence....but I'm not quite sure yet what it is that Republicans are doing themselves in. I'm beginning to think the Tea Parties might end up with a bad effect, too, though I'm quite sure most members aren't aware of it...yet.