Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

The Department of Homeland Security is alerting Texas authorities to be on the lookout for a suspected member of the Somalia-based Al Shabaab terrorist group who might be attempting to travel to the U.S. through Mexico, a security expert who has seen the memo tells

The warning follows an indictment unsealed this month in Texas federal court that accuses a Somali man in Texas of running a “large-scale smuggling enterprise” responsible for bringing hundreds of Somalis from Brazil through South America and eventually across the Mexican border. Many of the illegal immigrants, who court records say were given fake IDs, are alleged to have ties to other now-defunct Somalian terror organizations that have merged with active organizations like Al Shabaab, al-Barakat and Al-Ittihad Al-Islami.

In 2008, the U.S. government designated Al Shabaab a terrorist organization. Al Shabaab has said its priority is to impose Sharia, or Islamic law, on Somalia; the group has aligned itself with Al Qaeda and has made statements about its intent to harm the United States.

In recent years, American Somalis have been recruited by Al Shabaab to travel to Somalia, where they are often radicalized by more extremist or operational anti-American terror groups, which Al Shabaab supports. The recruiters coming through the Mexican border are the ones who could be the most dangerous, according to law enforcement officials.

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Okay, someone explain to me why these dumb-asses aren't getting it. The federal government will issue this terror alert but cannot seem to understand the importance of protecting the border.

Does anyone else get this?


Leslie said...

But Chuck, Obama is sending national guard troops to the border. See, problem solved. No worries, right?


Mustang said...

I have something to add. I hope you write this down because I don't want to have to mention it again.

"The Monkeys Have No Tails in Zamboanga."

I'm glad I could make this contribution.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

We don't need no stinking badges, gringo.

Felipe Calderón

Chuck said...

Leslie, right

Mustang, we can always count on you for wisdom - thank you.

Felipe, I've told you to stop coming here. People are starting to talk.

LomaAlta said...

The 1200 troops will be tasked with stopping gun smuggling from the U.S. and drug smuggling from Mexico. They will not have anything to do with illegal aliens entering the U.S.

The last time (under Bush) the National Guard didnt have live ammunition most of the time and they were to observe and report to the Border Patrol, that's all.

In AZ a group of suspected Mexican military approached a national guard unit and when the Border Patrol didn't show up in time the Guard actually ran away from the armed Mexicans. First time I know of when American troops fled the enemy on U.S. soil without any resistance.

So expect zero or less from the "troops" on the border. Remember there are 2000 miles of border and only 1200 troops.

Greywolfe said...

This is both a case of too little too late, and better late than never. And if that seems to be a bit schizoid, there's reason. I'm afraid that our government is stark raving, totally blinking, loony.

And that's the scientific explanation. I've said it before, I'll say it again, it's time to start shooting these apes as they come across the border.

LomaAlta said...

Here is a link to the National Guard Fleeing incident.

MK said...

it's like they're stunted or something. Here's to hoping some guard catches the fellow, ultimately that's how they get caught anyway, not by stupid politicians.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, I don't hold on much hope for 1200 troops along a border. Cheer up though, Congress will likely take Calderon's advice and regulate "assault weapons". This will fix the problem of illegal immigration.

Greywolfe, we certainly need to stop them

MK, lately they get caught when their bomb is a dude and they leave their keys to the get away car in the bomb car. Other than that, our government has been pretty impotent.

LASunsett said...

I have said for years (on my blog and privately) that somewhere in the Middle East there are classes on Mexican culture and the Mexican dialect of the Spanish language. It's not hard to pass an Arab, Persian, or other Middle Easterner off as a Mexican national---if you know how to do it.

1200 new troops? That's a battalion. I feel safer knowing that one extra troop every 1-2 miles is going to make a world of difference.

Mustang said...

Sunset’s estimate is conservative. It would amount to one trooper every 1-2 miles until you factor in a trooper can’t work 24/7 without time off for chow/rest/hygiene. Realistically, the 1,200 amount to about one trooper every 6-7 miles. Putting the NG along the border unarmed makes no sense until you understand that the law forbids military forces from participating in law enforcement activities. I do not think there is a distinction between NG and the active duty forces in this regard. Finally, recall that years ago, a Marine reservist shot and killed an armed illegal —a .22 rifle, as I recall. As it happens, the Marine was Hispanic. He ordered the illegal to halt and was ignored and so the Marine shot ‘em. The uproar was defining: How dare this Marine defend himself? How dare he shoot an illegal? What does illegal have to do with it?


Chuck said...

It's not hard to pass an Arab, Persian, or other Middle Easterner off as a Mexican national---if you know how to do it

I've thought about this too LA. The right ME'er with the right haircut would pass muster

Mustang, the Sec'y of State department has come out today and said the troops will not be used for immigration - they made this statement to assure the Mexican government.